Wednesday, May 08, 2013


As I exited the freeway tonight on my way home from work, I looked up and saw a cloud in the sky that was shaped like a dolphin, or maybe a shark. It wasn't definitively either, but the blue background of the sky put me in mind of marine life. 

Then, when I arrived at home, I saw that our tiny azalea bush has started to bloom. 

I love spring.  The flowering trees are blooming, and all of the trees are sprouting their beautiful green leaves. They transform the neighborhood. I plan to spend time on our deck this season enjoying our little piece of nature. 

It's true, I'm still here, despite my silence on these pages of late. This is my first post from my phone; it works okay but I definitely want a laptop that I can carry around! I'm beginning to feel like a crotchety old woman who prefers "the old ways" to "that newfangled stuff."  In my case it means I prefer a keyboard over a touch pad!