Thursday, March 31, 2011

The old switcheroo

I know I'm due for a health update here, and will get to that, but for now just wanted to post about a funny experience today.

Rebecca is on spring break this week.  I don't have enough PTO time built back up to comfortably take a whole week off, but I did take off today (Thu) and tomorrow so that we could all spend some time together.  

R was going to have a sleepover this week at her friend E's house.  E's sister is buddies with Carly (who is starting to use her given Caroline these days!) and there was talk that both of my girls would go to their house for the sleepover.  Then E got sick and her mom decided that while she's much better than a couple of days ago, an overnight wouldn't be a good idea.  We decided to take all 4 girls to see Mars Needs Moms today instead.  My girls and I stopped off to buy snacks to smuggle into the theater, as those prices just kill me.  We met our friends in the parking lot, got our tickets and went to the designated theater in our 16-plex.  The previews started with the new Fast and Furious movie, which I found an odd choice for a kid movie preview.  Next was the new version of Arthur starring Russell Brand.  Better, but still a bit off.  I don't recall what else was shown but then they played a preview of a movie called Hanna.  This movie is in no way appropriate for kids, especially my 5yr old or her 6 yr old friend.  Finally it looked like the movie was starting.  Next thing I know, there is a scene of an apartment filled with moving boxes and Bradley Cooper standing on the edge of the roof.  Wait a minute... is this a preview for Limitless, which is showing in the next plex-box?  While we were trying to understand what was up, a few dozen people streamed in.  We were told that the prints were switched, and Mars Needs Moms was playing in the theater marked for Limitless.  Super... we gathered ourselves and along with the others in our theater, traipsed next door.  MNM had already started!  It was still early in the film but we definitely missed a bit of it.  Turned out not to be crucial to the plot but the final scene probably would have been a bit better set up had we seen the full beginning.  The kids were flexible per usual and just enjoyed.  At no time did a theater employee come into either of the theaters we were in.

After the movie, the other mom and I decided to approach an employee about it.  He apologized, saying that the prints were not moved as they should have been from the day before.  It sounded like his apology, which was only expressed after we solicited it, was going to be the end of the story.  But then he looked at all the girls and asked, "did you see all of the trailers?"  "YES, we did," we said, in a frustrated tone.  He told us to wait while he got us some passes, so we walked out with a free movie coming to each of us.

The girls want to go back tomorrow to see Hop on its opening day but I'm not sure I want to brave any crowds.  Our girls did learn however, that sometimes it pays to politely complain about bad customer service.


Minnie said...

Wouldn't it be nice if you could complain about your car and get a new one??? But seriously, I think its a good idea to teach children to air a valid complaint. So often we go through life accepting shoddy treatment until one day when we explode and that's NOT pretty! Hope you are otherwise fine.

It's Me said...

Nice going!!!lol