Thursday, March 03, 2011

Is it spring yet?

March already... wow.  Time to start fresh and see what can be done with this month.   Hopefully we won't see the snow or rain in the amounts we have so far this winter.  It's been a real mess here.

I'm starting the month recovering from my latest medical adventure.  On Monday Jim and I braved torrential flooding rains to get to the Clinic by 5:30 AM for my gyn procedure.  We almost didn't get there in time; it seems someone (your intrepid blogger) set the alarm for 4PM instead of 4AM.  Luckily Jim happened to wake up around 4:40 so we were able to fly through what we needed to do.  It wouldn't have mattered if we were a bit late anyhow, as Dr. Attaran, my gyn, was having trouble getting to work, due to various flood-related road closures.  The procedure itself went like clockwork and I found myself waking up in the OR by 9:30.  My doctor was still there, and told me that it went well, mentioning that she removed something other than the polyp that was originally found.  When I met up with Jim in recovery, he explained.  She told him that there were some 'fibers' in my uterus that she also scraped away and sent for pathology.  At first I just shrugged about this, but then thought, now what?  What bizarre thing are they going to discover in the lab?  Despite that worry, I felt really good, with just minimal cramping and no other pain.  I was able to leave the hospital at lunchtime, so was home well ahead of Rebecca's arrival on the school bus.  I've had no pain since, and returned to work today (Thursday).

Dr. A told Jim that pathology would take about a week to get results.  Instead they only took a day!  My onc nurse, Shari, called and left a message saying that the pathology came back benign, so we're back to our usual treatment and schedule with Sutent.  I was able to access the pathology report on my electronic medical chart and saw the official results:  "benign endometrial polyp" and "disordered proliferative endometrium".  Wow, even my uterus is cluttered; no big surprise!  I'll see Dr. A at the end of the month for a follow up, and will see Shari in a couple of weeks for my usual end-of-Sutent-cycle visit.  Now that I've gotten this out of the way, my next idea is to visit the Clinic's Genomic Institute to see if we can learn anything about my cancer, if there is any hereditary component,  etc.  I'm concerned for my girls, my sister and my nephew, who are the only close blood relatives I have left.  I'm thinking that since my dad, his oldest brother and their father all had some kind of cancer, that maybe there will be *something* that can be learned.  It should be interesting at any rate.

And the rest of life moves on.... Rebecca will make her First Reconciliation this Saturday... her First Communion is in only two months.  We got her dress a couple of weeks ago.  I'd started doing some looking online and we saw one we both liked at a local department store.  They had one in her size so we went there to try it on.  Once on Rebecca, it wasn't as pretty as we'd anticipated, so we looked at the racks.  She picked out a different style of dress, one that I would not have thought would flatter her, but once she tried it on, she was in love with it.  I couldn't resist, so we got it.  Now we just have to decide what to do with her hair.  We're not sure if we will get a veil, or maybe just a headpiece of some kind.  She recently got her hair cut into a short bob, so something simple will look best.  I'm excited to see her on her big day; it's just one of those events that I've been looking forward to since she was a baby.

Carly is moving toward a big event as well.  Yesterday I officially registered her for Kindergarten at our school district.  As of next school year, our district is offering full day Kindergarten.  YAYAYAYAY!  As you may recall, we were faced with the K dilemma for Rebecca, since only half-day K was offered in our district, yet we needed care for her all day.  We ended up enrolling her in a private K, and keeping her there all day rather than having her go to the public K and then back to the private school for the rest of the day.  Many other parents do this, but we didn't want to worry about Rebecca being on the bus, shuffling back and forth, etc.  Plus, she was able to participate in all of the private K's enrichment activities.  However, now that we can send Carly to K for the full day for free vs. about $175/week, there's no decision to make... Carly will be attending the same school as Rebecca next year.  The only person upset about this is Rebecca.  She finds it incredibly unfair that her sister will get to ride the bus a whole year earlier than she was able to.  I explained that I wasn't going to spend thousands of dollars on tuition just for school bus parity; she understood my point of view but is still angry about it.  Carly is thrilled, of course.  Every morning she comes out for the bus with her sister and the neighbors.  Next year she will actually get to ride on it with them.  This week I had to bring all the official forms and documents to the Board of Education office to get her registered.  She couldn't understand why she wasn't supposed to accompany me to this appointment, even after I explained that I was just going to be doing paperwork with them.  So, since the appointment, for which I signed up back in January, was at 7:45AM, I told Carly she could come with me, then I would take her to school.  It worked out well; they had coloring papers and crayons for kids to use while parents dealt with the mundane details of registration.  Carly now has an appointment for an afternoon next month to have an assessment done, so that they will know what she knows before the school year starts.  I showed Carly the appointment paper, and explained what we'll be going there for.  She responded, "I need to talk to Miss Tiffany (her preschool teacher) and have her teach me more stuff before then!"  Miss Tiffany found that very amusing too, and told Carly that she definitely knows plenty for Kindergarten.

And that's the story from our piece of the world, for today.


Barbara said...

So glad to hear the "clutter" was benign!

Loved the story about C's Kindergarten planning. Sounds like she is SO ready.

Funny how those communion dresses go - the ones that look great on the hanger end up being sort of "meh" on. Good job that you found one! Look at it this way - you'll get TWO whole uses out of it when C wears it in a few years. :-)

btw - speaking of flooding, my family in NW PA (right along the OH border) had some bad flash flooding too. Scary stuff, and it's only early in the spring season!

Have a great weekend!

Audrey said...

Sounds like a great story to me! :)

Minnie said...

From our neck of the woods, a gentle chill has crept into the air, thank goodness. We've had a very hot summer so I'm looking forward to the usual mild winter we have here.
It's such good news about the benign clutter!!!!! I'm sure it must have been a great relief.