Friday, November 26, 2010

Eight already

My darling Rebecca,

Eight years ago today you entered our world, and changed it, for the absolute better.  I'm still wrapping my head around you being eight years old.  I can still vividly remember sitting in my hospital room on our first Thanksgiving, when you were two days old.  As I sat there, I calculated when your birthday would actually fall on Thanksgiving, and figured that it would happen on your seventh birthday.  I couldn't conceive of this tiny baby that was you, ever being seven.  And now that is a year ago!

Your birthday celebrations were quite fun.  Like we did for your sister, we had your family party at the cabin at one of our local parks.  This time it didn't rain, so you and your cousins were able to play at the nearby playground.  The next day, you got to have a 'friends party'; we hadn't done one of those in a few years.  This year was a good time to have one, since there are a lot of girls in your class at school this year who you didn't know from first grade, and I hoped a party would help you all to get to know one another better.  You chose to have the party at a local paint-your-own-pottery place, and everyone had a blast.  Your friends each painted an animal figure from a few choices you had pre-selected - an elephant, a giraffe, and a ladybug.  As the birthday girl, I let you pick a larger figure for yourself, and you picked an angelfish, which you worked very hard on.  For refreshments, we served cupcakes, which you and I made that morning.   We'll be able to pick up your birthday item tomorrow; I can't wait to see how your fish came out.  Last year you attended a birthday party at this same place, and while there, you painted a small fish figurine for me, as a welcome home gift since I had just returned from Columbus and my final week of IL-2 treatments.  Your aunt Sherry took you to the party so that I could stay home and Daddy could deal with Carly, and she paid for the fish so that you could give it to me.  It is beautiful and has pride of place on top of our china cabinet.

Today we went back to paint more pottery, since we'd had such a good time, we wanted to make some Christmas ornaments, and they were offering half off on studio time for Black Friday.  Aunt Sherry came with us, along with Aunt Barbie and your cousin Marty.  We had a great time making lots of items... some of which have to remain secrets for now as they are going to be gifts later. It was a fun way to spend part of your birthday.

Second grade has been a change from first grade for you, but you've adapted very well.  Your teacher this year started out the year with a stricter attitude than your teachers last year showed, but as the year has gone one, and as I predicted, you've gotten to know one another better and so you are enjoying being in her class.  At your recent parent-teacher conference, she gave you glowing reviews, telling us that she had nothing bad to say about you, and that she wished all her students were like you.  She told us about the work you're doing and gave us examples of how well you're working in class.  One neat example was about you wanting to search online for recycle facts during recycling week.  You didn't know how to spell the word 'recycle' to enter it in the search bar.  One of your classmates was laughing about that, but you thought about how you could find out the spelling without asking your teacher.  You remembered that the word was written on the side of the recycle box in the classroom, so you went over to the box to memorize the spelling.  Your teacher was impressed with your resourcefulness; so were Daddy and me.  We are constantly amazed... well not really amazed, knowing you as we do, but impressed by the way your mind works.  You are a big note writer, and your notes are well written.  You use notes to start conversations with us sometimes, and it's a great idea.  You adore reading and have really started to embrace chapter books.  As a lover of reading myself, I am thrilled to see you loving books so much.

Dance is still a passion of yours.  For a while you preferred your jazz class to your ballet, but now you seem to love them both equally.  I got to watch your whole ballet class this week, something I don't normally get to do given my work schedule.  You are focused and you remember a lot.  It was great fun to see how much you've learned and how well you apply it.  You'd like to try tap dancing as well, but it's not been easy to fit into our schedule so far.

You branched out into some team sports this year too.  During the summer you played softball for the first time, and really enjoyed it.  You are a good fielder and a better hitter.  We all enjoyed going to your games.  Then this fall you tried soccer and found that you really like it.  Even though some of the girls have played in prior seasons, you got up to speed quickly.  At your practices I could see again your focus and your desire to "get it right" when practicing different moves.  During the season you found your niche playing defense, and prevented many points from being scored against your team.  Your coaches had lots of praise for you, and Daddy and I were really proud to watch you play.  One Saturday your league had a 3 on 3 tournament.  Your teammates were girls you didn't know, but you did fine with them.  At one point two moms I didn't know were standing behind me talking about a really good player on the field.  I realized that they were talking about you!  That made me feel extra proud since they didn't know you, didn't know me, and so were merely noting your skills.  You are excited to continue soccer in the spring, and so I am happy to go be a soccer mom while you play.

This fall you got your first pair of glasses, as we discovered that you are a bit nearsighted.  You've adjusted to them very well.  I told you that I was envious that you had such cool choices of frames; when I got glasses for the first time at age eight, the choices were all ugly!  You can see so much better now, especially when reading, and so I am glad that you have the glasses.

You are truly a light in my life, Rebecca; I am so happy and proud to be your mom.  Tomorrow I will post some photos of you.  :-)


sherri said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca and Happy Birthing Day Liz! You sound like an amazing young lady.

Anne said...

Happy Birthday Becky! It is really awesome to read how resourceful you are in school. That is something that comes from inside you, along with your focus in sports. It sounds like you had an awesome birthday. I hope we get to see you again soon.

Minnie said...

Hi there! Just to send you some holiday greetings. May this Christmas be very special to you and your family, may you be surrounded by love and happiness. And may the new year be blessed with only good events that bring contentment into your life.
Much love