Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thank you and quick update

I want to publicly thank my coworker or coworkers who recently donated unused Paid Time Off hours to me.  I recently received a nice check that was very much appreciated and will be put to good use.  The pundits who say the economic recovery in the US is here don't live near us, that is for sure.  Jim is still looking for a job and the pickings are very slim.   Bleah.  If something doesn't give soon, Carly will have to leave her preschool.  That would be a shame because she is doing so well in her new class, and really enjoys it there.  We will see...

I'm a week into my second cycle of Sutent.  So far, so good... my tongue has an interesting line of demarcation on it; from the line to the tip it's more sensitive and the surface is bumpier.  It's sensitive to heat and spice, as it was last cycle; I'm just waiting to see if it gets more pronounced as the level of drug builds up in my system.  My digestive system is also a bit wonky again, but fortunately so far nothing major.  This afternoon I was looking in the mirror in the restroom at work and noticed that my eyebrows look very white.  The light in the lavatory is horrible so I wasn't sure I could trust what I saw.  So, I marched into my coworker Patty's cubicle and asked her what she thought.  She confirmed the whiteness... I'm not a makeup girl most of the time but I might start back up now...

I think I have more to say, but I've been interrupted a number of times already, so I'll have to try to regroup later.  Ta ta...

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Out of the mouths of babes

So tonight I was feeding my addiction playing a few games of Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook.  At the beginning of each game, a voice says, "One minute.  GO."  I responded to the voice, saying "Don't tell me what to do, guy."  Carly was sitting by me looking at a book and heard the exchange.  She piped up with, "yeah, you can't tell her what to do.  She's the boss here."

Wow... she actually admitted it!  Yeah me!

Of course she then amended that statement to say "Mommy and *I* are the bosses here."  Not so much, but funny anyhow.

The best was the other day... First the quote from Rebecca:

"You know, it's not all about you on top of her."

Before you start wondering what kind of house we're running here, I will explain.  Bailey, our older, larger, male dog, wants very much to be the alpha dog in our house.  Unfortunately for him our other dog, Trixie, was a breeding dog in a puppy mill for about five years before she was rescued.  Because of this, she doesn't really know how to be a dog most of the time.  This even extends to pack rules.  For example, if Bailey is eating or drinking from the communal bowls and and she wants to eat or drink, she will just come up to the bowls, and slide in under his head.  He doesn't contest her movements, instead like a gentleman he lets her in, but it bothers him.  Also, when they receive treats, he will usually bite his in half and eat the pieces that way.  Trixie has been known to run up and take the half treat that is on the floor, having already gobbled her treat.  Poor Bay is left standing there kind of stunned.

But he tries to be dominant, by mounting her at various times throughout the day, especially in the kitchen.  Rebecca was getting something in the kitchen and found her path blocked by Bailey and his attempt to attain alpha status.  Her comment was not heeded by Bailey, but Jim and I fell over ourselves laughing.

Never a dull moment around here.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

My baby girl is five

Dear Carly, today we celebrated your fifth birthday.  On this day five years ago you joined our family and made it complete.  Everyone was so happy and excited to meet you, especially your big sister.

Looking at your ever growing self, it's hard for me to remember that I could rest you on my chest, like I did at the hospital, gazing at your thick head of hair and your tiny features.

There's no way you would sit still like this today!

After a few days, we were all home together, where I could enjoy being with my three favorite people.

It's been a joy watching you grow up from that tiny baby.   At age two your baby face was still evident, even though you considered yourself quite the big girl.

You went through your 'terrible twos' as a very defiant, very loud, very  stubborn little girl.  Daddy hoped that once you were three you would revert to the sweetness of your babyhood.  A full tantrum you threw on the morning of your third birthday disabused him of that notion immediately.  However, you could also be quite sweet and loving, then as now.

By age four you had developed a swagger, along with an extensive vocabulary and immense observation skills.  Nothing escapes your notice!  

This year, it was hard for you to say goodbye to the friends who left for kindergarten.  Your October birthday makes you a bit too young to join them this year.  Luckily, you've made many friends in your new class, Pre-K 2, and you love your teacher, Ms. Tiffany.   You told Ms. Tiffany all about how Rebecca has homework to do every night, and how you wished you did too, so she sent home some papers for you to work on at home.  You started playing soccer this year, on a team called the Greyhounds, and you have been having so much fun there. 

Carly, you are a girl of many interests.  Along with soccer, you are learning ballet, and at school you have the opportunity to do gymnastics and karate. The gymnastics in particular is a natural for you and your high energy level.  I love that you have all of these opportunities to try so many fun activities.  At home, you like making art and playing with your dolls and toys, especially your mini veterinarian office, where you and Rebecca spend many hours together treating your stuffed animals.  You've gotten good at using the mouse on the computer and so computer games and activities have become a lot of fun for you.  At Webkinz you have a dog named Hugger who has the most elaborate rooms I have ever seen, all decorated by you using your imagination.  Sometimes you and I play some of your Webkinz games together, because (shh, don't tell anyone) I think some of those games are a lot of fun too!

Finally you're starting to slow down some, in terms of your need to be a blur of motion and sound.  You and I have spent some wonderful evenings cuddled together reading, watching TV or just talking. You have matured enough to understand that you need to be gentle with Trixie, our skittish rescue dog, and so now instead of hiding from you, she welcomes your gentle petting and the "relly bubs" you give her.

My sweet  Caroline, I love you with my whole heart, and I look forward to sharing with you all the adventures of being five years old.