Monday, September 13, 2010

Kid speak - 09/10/10 edition

Last Friday I tried to call home a few times while on my way there from work, but the line was busy.  When I arrived at home, Jim told me that nobody had been on the phone, and sure enough, when he tried to call the house phone from his cell, he got a busy signal.  We have two corded phones in our house.  One is in my office and gets knocked off the hook every so often.  Rebecca went upstairs to check it but it wasn't the culprit.  There is another corded phone in the 'toy room' where the girls keep their playthings.  Carly disappeared down the hallway as Jim and I talked.  I called out to Rebecca to go check the toy room phone.  Carly could hear my request, because she called back to me, "I'm already on it!"

She'll be five next month.  Five.  Did you know the meaning of the phrase "I'm already on it" at that age?

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