Sunday, September 26, 2010

Calling Dr. Rebecca

This afternoon the girls were playing with the Barbie(tm) vet station that Carly got for Christmas last year.  (And yes, it is bright Barbie(tm) pink).  Rebecca created a medical chart for one of her patients, a stuffed animal named Sprinkles:

In case you can't read it:

P's name (patient's name) Sprinkles  (note the fancy lowercase k - a second grade handwriting convention)

Pane: apparently bad, as she drew the Wong Baker faces pain scale and circled the second to last one

Sicknis: brokein leg

Doc's name Rebecca Monahan (looks like she attempted a cursive signature)

Anamil: cow (Sprinkles is actually a hippo but I'm not telling)

Cards: 24 (I didn't know what this meant.  Rebecca said that is how many get well cards Sprinkles has received.  In all my hospital stays I have never had anyone log my cards!)

Blood presher:  100  (Seems to be missing part of the equation so I'm not sure if that is low or high)

room:  147

cuyer: surgrey  (I didn't know what this was - it is cure: surgery)

Later she and her sister were playing with a Lego set, building houses and cars and such.  She told me that she made a wheelchair for one of her patients, who has cancer.  Wow.  Luckily apparently the cancer only caused him to be in a wheelchair; from what I heard he was pretty active otherwise.


Barbara said...

This is definitely a keeper, Liz! Too cute.

Anne said...

Totally love it Dr. Becky!