Monday, July 12, 2010

Speaking of sensitive subjects

This weekend I learned a lesson.  As a person with stage IV cancer and a young family, watching a movie that includes the death of a parent is not wise.  I watched a movie that has been on my Netflix queue for a while, a movie that will remain nameless so as not to provide any spoilers.  However, in the film, the main character dies, leaving a spouse and a young child behind.  The movie was based on a book that I read a few years ago, pre-stage IV-ness, when these situations would make me sad, but not overwhelm me.  That is what the film did... I was overcome with emotion while watching it, thinking that this might be me before too long.  It's certainly a fear that lives in a piece of my brain all the time, but a fear that I try to calm whenever I can so that I can remain positive and focused on if not defeating this cancer, at least beating it back so that I can enjoy life.   I decided that for the time being, I will not seek out films that I know have this kind of subject matter... there is plenty else out there to watch.  I do enjoy dramas but I think that laughter would probably be my best medicine right now.

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