Sunday, July 04, 2010

Holiday... eh...

Feeling very low-key today.  When I woke up this morning, my legs, feet and especially my ankles, were pretty sore from yesterday's labor.  Moving around helped and I am not feeling like a cripple anymore.

We have done very little today, lots of laying around watching tv or reading.  The girls went outside to run through the sprinkler for a little while, and we decided to go to see Toy Story 3 as a family.  I checked to see where it was playing and we took off for the theater.  Unfortunately when we arrived at the box office, the attendant told us there was a problem with the projector, and they weren't sure when it would be fixed.  He suggested we go to another theater in their chain, but that place is 20min away, and includes a freeway trip, so we nixed that.  The other theater near us showing TS3 is in a shopping center where they were having a bunch of July 4th festivities, so that would be a zoo.  So plan B became "let's go to the movie tomorrow, and just go get dinner now".  

The girls and I are going to leave in a bit to see our local fireworks.  I have no interest in trying to go to the park where they are actually putting on the display, as it will be extremely crowded... we would have to be there already if we wanted to be at the park, I'm sure.  Instead we'll do what we did two years ago; we'll camp out in the parking lot of a close business and watch them from a distance.  We had a nice time when we did that, and were able to get home without any traffic nightmares.  Last year the girls and I went with family to a summer orchestra concert where fireworks end the show.  It's a really nice display but Carly was terrified.  It wasn't the noise that bothered her, but the optical illusion that the colors were going to fall onto and burn us.  She has agreed to go see the fireworks tonight, but isn't convinced that we'll be far enough away for safety.  I've had to promise to hold her hand, and if she gets too scared, to go sit in the car with her.  Once we're there she will see that we really won't be that close.  When I was a little girl, we sometimes viewed the Independence Day fireworks from the side of a road, at the top of a big hill, where we could see across the city, and therefore view more than one community's display.  Other years we sat on bleachers at various local high schools to catch a show, depending on who was having them.

For myself, I don't really care if I see fireworks or not.  I enjoy them, but if I missed them, it wouldn't bother me at all.  Jim hates the noise, so much so that he refuses to go to any event where he knows fireworks will be included.  Pre kids, it was our tradition to go to a movie during the evening on the 4th.  But, the girls want to go, so Mommy is the one to take them... and that is okay with me.

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