Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beat off my feet

Whew... it is nice to be off my feet.  I spent the day on household chores like laundry, picking up, a couple of errands.  There's one load left in the dryer, after which all clothes not currently being worn, or hidden away somewhere, will be washed.  I don't mind laundry, except my energy peters out toward the end with the "putting away" phase.  Not sure why that is, and it is annoying to have a basket full of clean clothes blocking my path in the bedroom.  Apparently it's not annoying enough for me to put everything away most of the time, though I am working on finishing what I start.  (Now there is a theme I could take off and run with, but not tonight.)  The girls were very helpful earlier today, and so the first few loads are all hung, folded and put where they belong.  We're trying a system of earning marbles for various chores, with the goal of getting some special treat (toy, outing or some such) once the marble jar is full.  Unfortunately their desire for marbles didn't remain high all day, but hopefully they will pick up a little steam.  I think I need a marble jar, now that I think about it.  Jim will have to help me decide on what would qualify for how many marbles!

My plan for today had been to work on really clearing out and cleaning up our living room.  I also wanted to work on washing our deck with the power washer Jim bought a while back.  Didn't get to either of those things but I am still satisfied that I didn't waste my day.  Tomorrow we have an early birthday party for my niece, then grandma wants us to go to a local art show with her.  I am seriously considering having her take the girls and I would stay home to work.  Not only do we have the two projects above, but we decided this evening to take the rest of the d@mn mulch pile and put it under the girls' playground set.  That should go fairly quickly, but still needs time.  We'll see though; I do enjoy walking around an art show.  I think the weather is supposed to hold for most of the week, so I could defer the outside stuff until a weekday evening.

There is a part of me that really wants to get all our home projects done, so that if at some point I am not feeling well for an extended period of time (like if I have drug therapy) then I will be able to rest comfortably and not stress about my house.  It also occurs to me that if the worst happens, I don't want to leave Jim with a cluttered home to deal with on top of everything else.  But really, I hope and plan to keep living life like I am now, and want to have a nice, comfortable space in which to do that.  Rebecca has commented a few times that we should try to get on the program Clean House.  Uh, not... we're not as bad as some/most of those folks, but I would die of mortification to have all my crap displayed on national television!  I certainly don't plan on applying to be on the program.  A while back she and I were watching The Biggest Loser, and she was aghast at the thought that if I were to apply to be on that show, and be accepted, that I would be away from her for more than 2 months.  So, she kept telling me I couldn't go on that show.  It was never something I really considered, as I kinda need to keep my job and so forth, but I will admit, the idea of getting to just focus on myself for an extended period of time is very appealing!

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