Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back to life

Thanks to all for the nice comments here and on my Facebook page; I really appreciate them.

While I wait again for the next chapter in this story, life goes on.  Work is work, home is home, never enough time to get done what I want or need to do.  As I was afraid, the girls' enthusiasm for earning marbles by doing chores has totally waned.  Tonight Rebecca sat with me at my computer bugging me to let her play games on some site the kids at day camp play on in the late afternoon.  I told her that she should go downstairs and unload the dishwasher to earn a marble while I finished what I was doing online.  She doesn't have to put away anything she can't reach; all of that stuff goes on top of the stove.  No dice... she didn't want to go downstairs.  I just had a talk with both of them and reminded them that if they want special items they have to work on some chores, and that if they aren't going to do any chores for marbles, then we'll start making a list of chores for them to do just because!  I also think we have too much TV time going on; it's time to limit that and then the TV goes off.  Because when they get into the mode Jim and I call "eyeballs glued to the TV" there's no talking to them.  I've been assured by other parents that my kids are not the only children in the world who have this affliction, but it's still pretty sad to see.

I've been thinking of up-sides to my upcoming surgery, to cheer myself up.  Here is a list:

- I get to stay home and take naps
- When I'm not napping, I can go onto Facebook and hone my mad Bejeweled Blitz skillz
- If they take out my ovaries, no more pesky periods!  Ironically, I just bought a big box of tampons at Target the other day; if that doesn't seal my fate, I'm not sure what will.
- Maybe if they have to resect some of my small intestines, it will have the effect like a weight loss surgery... without all the co-pays.  Okay, that actually wouldn't be a good thing, but shhhh... just looking at the sunny side of the street here
- If they have to do an open procedure, and I get to be a guest of the fabulous Cleveland Clinic, Jim can bring me asiago bagels from Au Bon Pain in the hospital
- Get well cards!  Need I say more?  
- I can feel like I'm REALLY getting my money's worth out of my health insurance... as if I didn't already get that satisfaction from how much they spent on my IL-2

Is there anything else I'm forgetting?

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