Saturday, July 17, 2010

At least I'm doing better than THAT guy

On weekday mornings, I generally wake first and take a shower before waking Jim and the girls.  The other morning, I stumbled into the bathroom and started the shower.  As it warmed up, I idly took a look into the toilet bowl to see if it needed cleaning.  (Rebecca is learning how to clean toilets among other chores to earn rewards.)
Imagine my surprise when what I saw in the bowl was one small dead mouse floating on the surface of the water.  

Yes, he was dead, and yes, I was still way creeped out anyhow.  I ran back up to our bedroom and woke Jim.  He stirred a little until I said "I have a problem and I need your help."  THAT sat him up quickly.  He looked at the mouse and laughed.  We decided to get the girls up to see the spectacle before getting rid of it.  They both have that kid-fascination with dead things and animal things, so we knew they wouldn't be too grossed out.  Carly wanted to know if he was still alive, and we explained that he wasn't.  "Why are his eyes open then?"  Fair question.

Jim gave our rodent buddy a burial at sea and we all moved along with our day.  Not a typical morning at our house.

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Doris said...

Liz, I'm just catching up with your posts - haven't been on muh since I came back to work from my LOA. I am so sorry you have to go through yet another surgery, but am praying that this will be the last and a very successful one! Will certainly keep you in my prayers and I know you'll come through with flying colors!