Saturday, May 29, 2010

My mixed bag of results

On Wed (5/26) I had CT scans and saw my home oncologist for the first time since my IL-2 experience.  I'd had scans in February that showed everything stable after two rounds of two weeks of IL-2, so I was on 'reprieve' for 3 months.

The areas of concern are my liver, where several mets were seen, and my right ovary, by/on which a mass appeared last summer.  At that time my oncologist (Brian Rini at Cleveland Clinic) felt that the ovarian lesion was not RCC so he consulted with my GYN. They decided to treat it as if it were RCC; nobody was in favor of biopsying it at that time.  I decided to try IL-2, which as of now has brought me stability.

The current scans showed good news on the liver mets; according to Dr. Rini they were the same or maybe a bit smaller than they were last summer.  The ovarian mass is, however, larger.  He still thinks that while it is certainly possible that it is RCC, that it also could be something else.  He didn't have copies of the films from the MRIs I'd had in February, since they were done at OSU Medical Center, and wants to get those to compare.

So, for right now Dr. Rini's plan is 3-fold:  1) he will consult with my IL-2 oncologist, Dr. Olencki at OSU to get his impression of the ovarian mass as of February, 2) he is requesting a copy of the Feb scans for him to review, and 3) he will consult with my GYN to see how she wants to proceed.

At the appointment I was at first disappointed, then started to feel pretty upset and scared.  Of course, my mind went to 'bad places' about the ovarian mass.  A night of sleep helped me to put things in perspective though.  The liver results are Good News.  So I am celebrating that.  If the ovarian mass is found to be RCC, then we're just on to the next step in treatment.  If it is not RCC, hopefully whatever it is, can be removed, and whatever treatment I might need, I can handle... I've handled everything so far just fine, relatively
speaking.  :-)

With the holiday weekend here in the US upon us, I don't expect to know much more until the middle of next week, and so I choose to put it into the back of my mind so I can enjoy my 3-day weekend.  I will update again when I do know more.


Julia said...

Really good news about the liver mets! As for the ovarian stuff, well, I hope it's something benign, like an endometrioma. Sorry that you even have to worry about that..ugh.
Wishing you a good long stretch of health, and freedom from hospitals, doctors, and worry.
By the way, love your family photo. It's really a great shot. :)

sherri said...

Liz, You *have* handled everything so far just fine. Better than could have ever been expected. Congratulations on the Good News and PVs that the ovarian stuff is just a shadow on the scan. I'll be thinking of you.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the update, Liz. PVs coming your way!

Bec said...

*hugs* I wish it was all good news and I hope you get answers about the ovarian mass soon. I have to say that I have been more than impressed with how you have handled everything that has been thrown your way. Courage and strength! Lots of positive thoughts and prayers coming your way.