Sunday, April 25, 2010

Possible future irony

So Rebecca is having her adenoids removed in 10 days.  Not her tonsils; they were regular size and have not given her trouble.  Everyone keeps asking if she is also having her tonsils removed and is surprised when we say no.

I on the other hand am on my second bout of strep in 3 weeks!  I woke up yesterday morning with a soreish throat.  The day was packed with activities and I made it to everything just fine, but by late afternoon I was toast.  During the evening my temperature reached almost 102 degrees.  I sweated my way through the night and by morning was back down to 100 degrees but knew I needed to have someone check me out.  The urgent care-type place we went to was blessedly empty when we arrived shortly after 11AM.  The LPN who did my intake looked in my throat and commented on how red it was.  Then the nurse practitioner came in, and was very concerned because my right tonsil is close to touching the uvula, I guess.  I'm now on a new 10 day course of antibiotics and was told that if my breathing becomes difficult, to head right to the ER.  

Hopefully either the last antibiotic didn't quite kill all the germs, or I somehow reinfected myself.  When I was a kid I would get tonsillitis every year until I was about 11 or 12.  At that point the pediatrician told my mom and me that if I got it again, they would need to take my tonsils out.  Suddenly I stopped having sore throats!  Now I need to put that same 'scare' into my body so that a tonsil surgery isn't in my future.

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Sherry S. said...

OMG, irony is right!

I bet Becky would be thrilled with mother-daughter tonsil/adenoid - ectomies!