Friday, December 25, 2009

CTTS - Carly edition

 We had Christmas dinner at my sister's house.  All day Carly (age 4) barely ate anything, thanks to  her  extreme excitement over CHRISTMAS!!! I predicted to Jim that once we got home from my sister's, she would be very hungry.

Sure enough, a short time after we got home (about 8:30pm), she came into the kitchen and perused the refrigerator and pantry cabinet.  She then went into the laundry room, where we have a second fridge, mostly for when we have parties and for the additional freezer space.  There is also a shelving unit of canned goods and boxed goods in the laundry room.

Carly emerged from the laundry room and set a can of Progresso Chickarina (official soup of the Monahan girls) on the kitchen table, where Jim and I were sitting.  Jim warmed up the whole can up which he brought to the table in a large bowl, and dished out a small bowl.  She ate some, then went off to play with the CHRISTMAS!!! loot some more.  Later Rebecca came in looking for some sustenance and had a small bowl.  Then Carly returned and polished off the can.  Upon asking if she would like the soup reheated, I learned that she likes her soup cold, as in "no mom, this is cold but I like it that way.  I don't want you to heat it.  Next time we have soup, can you give it tome without heating it?  I prefer it cold."

As she finished eating, I complimented her, telling her that soup was a good choice since she hadn't eaten much today.  She replied, "I didn't see anything I wanted there (pointing to fridge) or there (pointing in direction of second fridge) So I said to myself, 'hey buddy, how about some soup?' "

I love my kids...

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