Tuesday, November 03, 2009

What a weekend...

It was a whirlwind of activity this past weekend at our house. On Friday night the girls were invited to a Halloween party. Jim and I took the opportunity to go out to eat by ourselves. I had used a serious discount code on restaurant.com for a nearby restaurant that we'd never tried... I got a $25 certificate for $2! We really liked the food and will go back even without a GC. The only annoyance was the noise level... being Friday they were doing a perch dinner as their special and I think every older couple on the west shore was there! For dessert we brought home a slice of killer chocolate cake, which we all shared... very rich and fudgy.

On Saturday morning we went to our niece's birthday party - she is an actual Halloween baby. The party was held in a meeting room at a library close to their house. The kids had a lot of fun and the family got a chance to catch up and chat. After the party we relaxed a bit, then headed to a neighbor's house for our little development's Halloween parade. One of the families used to organize this event each year, along with a 4th of July parade, but now that their kids are teenagers, their family has "outgrown" the event. So another family, one with small kids, stepped in to organize. We all trekked around the 1/2 mile block, kids in their Halloween regalia, back to the organizer's house. There we all went inside for pizza and snacks. It was a perfect way to get some actual food into the kids before Trick or Treat began. The parade was at 4 PM, and ToT started at 6, so we had just a little time at home to finish getting ready.

And then we were off... I walked with the girls while Jim handed out treats. We went farther than we ever have - to the corner on the north end of our street (we are about 12 houses down) and most of the way to the east end. We probably would have covered the whole street if it were up to Rebecca, but Carly was getting tired and frankly, so was I. I weighed one of their bags at home and it was almost 3 1/2 lb... way too much as it is! There was about a half hour of 'official' ToT time so Carly stayed at the door to assist Jim while Rebecca sat at the kitchen table organizing her loot. She was proud of herself - one of the neighbors handed her a bag of Skittles, while asking her if she likes Skittles. She doesn't but very happily and politely said yes and accepted them. (Mommy likes Skittles so all is not lost!)

On Sunday Jim and I had hair appointments - our salon is a long drive, but we keep going there because we can't quit our stylist (Hi Kim!). From there, Jim dropped us off at the party center where we were meeting Grandma for the American Girl fashion show. (It was a charity event for the cancer center at the competing hospital system here in Cleveland... shhh... Though if these funds help them to find some cures, we all benefit.) Last year Rebecca and I went with Grandma to the show; this year she decided Carly was big enough to go. We had a nice time there, though both girls were disappointed that we didn't win any raffle prizes. (Last year Rebecca was lucky enough to win a Bitty Baby with a ton of stuff.) One of the new dolls this year is named Rebecca Rubin and our Rebecca really wants her. They were raffling two of them at the show, then had a quickie raffle during intermission for another, but no luck. Grandma advised R to add the doll to her Christmas list.

However, it won't matter because a brand new Rebecca Rubin is sitting at my sister's house waiting for Becky's birthday! This year R's birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day. Last year we celebrated her birthday at Thanksgiving dinner at Jim's brother's house. It was fun and she enjoyed the dual celebration. She told us last year that she'd like to celebrate her birthday at Turkey Day again. However, times have changed. We had a birthday party for Carly last month at Chuck E Cheese and let her invite her classmates. We'd done the same when Rebecca was four so it worked out nicely. Everyone had a good time at the party, except Rebecca, when she stopped playing games and realized that her sister was the center of attention. It didn't help matters that some of the gifts Carly received were things Rebecca herself wants. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth on her part for a couple of days after the party... mostly in the vein of "she gets everything and I get nothing." Therefore, Rebecca decided that she wants a family party separate from the holiday, and that she wants to have it at Donato's pizza, where they have a party room we used last year for Carly's family party. So the girls and I went up the street to our local Donato's and reserved the party room. I had to pick either the weekend before or after her birthday; the weekend after is not feasible if I will be returning to Columbus for round 2 of IL-2. So we picked the earlier weekend. I told her we'd get some balloons, etc. to decorate. And today she called me at work (she had the day off from school, ostensibly for Teacher development day but really because it's Election Day I think) to ask if I would help her to make a birthday crown for her party. Carly got an inflatable crown at CEC so of course sissie has to have a crown too. My dear, dear girl...

Both of them are so precocious and crack me up all the time, when they aren't bickering and smacking each other, that is. Seriously, I need to keep a notebook or recorder with me to log these gems so I don't forget them!

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