Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back in the swing

I started back to work on Monday. It felt odd to make the commute but my car and I remembered the way. I got lots of warm greetings from my coworkers, and my supervisor gave me a bunch of orange and red-and-orange roses, which were just beautiful. Getting back in the groove of work didn't take long at all; by the end of the day Monday it felt pretty much like I'd never been away.

Tuesday I worked in between trips to the Clinic for my thyroid testing. I had to visit Nuclear Medicine in the morning to get my dose of radioactive iodine. To my great relief, the iodine was in capsule form... no poking my veins! I had to return four hours later for the scans themselves. So I went back to work for a couple of hours. After the scan, I had to go to the endocrinologist's office, in a building across campus. The nurse doing the preliminary questions made me a bit nervous. She said, "If the doctor decides to send you for a treatment today, we will give you a pregnancy test first. Otherwise you'll get over there and they will send you back for one." Huh what? Where? She explained further that I might have to go back to Nuc Med for a radioactive iodine treatment. She left me on that note and then the appointment scheduler came in, apologizing for something but I had no idea what she was talking about. As she talked, I figured out that she had given a sheet of instructions to another patient who had an appointment for testing at Nuc Med, only the sheet was outdated and had the wrong location code on it. Apparently the patient had called the chairman of the Endocrine Institute to complain. Ouch! Fortunately, I wasn't that patient, and I had looked up the appointment in MyChart (the Clinic's online medical record system for patients) and so I knew that Nuc Med was in a different location from before.

As I sat there shaking my head, the doctor came in, with very good news. I had a case of thyroiditis, which has pretty much resolved. By Friday my T4 had dropped from >7.8 to 2.0, so by now it's likely further dropped into normal range. She instructed me to stop taking the beta blocker medication and said that she would like me to do repeat blood work in a month, but otherwise didn't need any more follow up with her unless I had another problem.

So, Very Good News! I was extremely relieved. I came home and pretty much collapsed, partly from the relief, and partly because I had done a TON of walking at the Clinic... the parking is NOT close to Nuc Med, so I hiked a fair bit... twice. But it was worth it to know that nothing sinister is going on in my neck.

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Great news!!! :)