Monday, September 21, 2009

Round 1, cycle 1 - the aftermath

While I was sweating and fevering my way through my weekend, life was continuing at chez Monahan. From what I understand, Jim napped some during the weekend - his way of coping. Rebecca glued her eyeballs to the TV to watch Disney Channel - her way of coping. And Carly, who has seemed like she only understood the situation to a point, and therefore was handling it all okay, acted out in some very 3-yr-old ways as her way of coping. According to Jim, she was constant sound and motion around him all weekend. This is not unusual Carly activity, but was more intense, especially since I am usually the focus of this sound and motion. At one point he was outside cutting the grass and she was following him back and forth in the yard, trying to carry on a conversation. My next door neighbor took pity on Jim and invited Carly to come help her water her plants... bless Nancy! When they were done, Nancy told Carly that she had to be careful to make sure Jim noticed her coming back since he was using the mower. Carly responded "It's okay, he will hear my feet." Ok then.

At some point Carly decided to make her mark on the family. I am not sure which event happened first, but here they are. Our foyer is two-story - we live in a Cape Cod style house, and the stairs go straight up from the front door to the second floor. At the top of the stairs is a loft, which serves as my office and has two skylights. It's very open and airy feeling, which drew us to it when we first looked at the house, and it is painted white. Carly decided that along the stairs, some redecorating was in order.
Solar system?

No clue what was going on here and the artist is not speaking about it.

An alien? I didn't bother to ask.
They all look smudge-y because Jim's dad tried to clean them off using Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, but these hieroglyphics appear to be immune to Mr. Clean. My niece has offered to paint the wall for us, and we'll likely take her up on it once we're back from cycle 2. Of course if we paint that wall, we should paint the rest of the white, but I don't see that happening right now - too much stuff to get out of the way, and we'd need to hire someone professional for the cathedral ceiling parts.
Carly also decided to try her hand at barbering. She has been wanting to have "long hair like sissy" so we have been working on growing out her bangs. Here is a photo of her from a couple of weeks ago:

Both shirts read "when all else fails I blame my sister"

Carly's hair cutting system:

Step one - take a pair of kid scissors to your bangs, on one side. Cut them short. It's fun watching the hair fall away, and fun looking at it in your hand.

Step two - your sister has longer hair so you will need bigger scissors. Find those in the kitchen drawer. Walk into the living room where your sister is sitting on a kid chair in front of the TV. You don't need to be particularly quiet because when she watches TV, her parents call her "mesmerized and hypnotized". Therefore, she is not aware that you are even in the room. Come up behind her, open the scissors, slide them in along her neck and cut! It's even more fun to watch longer hair, like six inches long, falling to the floor. Watch sissy as she yells at you and goes to get dad. Watch dad as he flips out. It's very satisfying when you are 3, your mommy is in the hospital and you feel that you are not getting enough attention.

Jim told me about the hair affair on the phone; he didn't tell me about the wall, but somehow I had a feeling about that being a possible action, and was proven right when I opened the door upon my return Tuesday night. That premonition didn't keep me from screaming, however. As for the hair, I had repeated dreams in the hospital in which I asked Carly to explain her actions but she wouldn't answer me. When I asked her about it at home, she said "I wanted Becky to be a Snip-Its (kid salon) girl."

Jim and his mom took the girls to the real Snip-Its to see what could be fixed. He and grandma tried to convince Rebecca to get her hair cut short to even it out, but she was extremely resistant. They even called me to weigh in on the matter. I was feeling pretty out of it when Jim called, but told him that they should do whatever Rebecca wanted. So her stylist, bless her heart, shaped it some to look like a layered cut.

Front view - looks pretty much the same.

Back view, not so much. But a valiant effort.

Carly is now back to short hair and bangs.

Rebecca coped pretty well all week with comments about her hair from everyone who knows her. On Sunday Jim and I had our regular appointment with our stylist, Kim. She took one look at Rebecca and announced she had some ideas, if Rebecca was willing to let her cut some of R's hair. Rebecca agreed, and this is the result.

She is THRILLED with her new cut and so are we. I'm happy that it was her decision in the end; I think she just needed some time to come to terms with such a big change. The poor kid has been growing her hair out since age 4 1/2 so this was a big mental adjustment for her. Thank you Kimmy for making my girl smile!


Barbara said...

Hey Liz, so sorry to hear about your weekend fog, but keep focusing on the light at the end of the tunnel.

I had to laugh at your haircut story - your narrative totally cracked me up. I *love* both girls' new haircuts, though, and you have a great story to tell!

sherri said...

Rebecca's hair is *lovely*! I've been thinking of getting the same cut for Lindsey and now I have the photographic evidence to prove how beautiful it can be.

Love the artwork too. I think the alien looks like a grandfather clock. What a busy creative talent that little girl is.

I remain impressed by your commitment to treatment and positive living.

Joannah said...

Oh, my gosh! I probably shouldn't laugh, but this post just tickled me!!!

Kids are funny.

onesillymama said...

Sherri, tell Lindsey that Rebecca is really enjoying the new cut - she has always wanted long hair but is already really happy that this is less tangle-prone.

Joannah, go ahead and laugh - we are laughing now too!