Tuesday, September 15, 2009

done with cycle one

got 7 doses in before saying 'no mas'
will return for more on 9/24
full account to follow, right now I am beyond tired.
But I thank all of you for your good thoughts - hopefully I can use them to steel me for the battle ahead, which will be rough... now I realize just how rough... turns out I am more of a wimp than I thought.

I will also share with you what a 3 year old does to cope when mommy's away. Separate projects using 1) sharpie pens, and 2) scissors that can cut hair. Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

oh i can hardly wait for the stories! you are so NOT a wimp. you are one of the strongest women i know. hugs!

Joannah said...

Enjoy your break. Rest up and get ready for round two.

We won't be doing IL-2 after all, but I'm still here cheering you on.


Aussie pals said...

Can't wait to hear what Carly got up to.
All of my children have dabbled in hair design at one stage or another, with interesting results.
As for being a wimp, no way mate!
When the going gets tough the tough get going.
Thinking of you,
Love Berni and family.

Julia said...

I don't think "wimpy" is how I'd describe you.
I hope that round two is a bit easier, but more importantly that the cancer cells like it even less than you do!
Big hugs to you--