Sunday, August 02, 2009

Travel Dreams

Places I would like to go, in alphabetical order

Alaskan cruise - my in-laws went on an Alaskan cruise several years ago. Once I saw their photos and heard their travel tales, I was hooked.

Australia - would like to see Sydney, and possibly climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge, though Jim thinks I am crazy for wanting to. Then again, he did not join me on the glass floor at CN Tower and would be unlikely to join me on the Skydeck ledge at Sears (I have a hard time calling it Willis) Tower. Lots of other great things to experience there too. But my most important reason to visit Australia is to meet my childhood pen pal, Berni, who lives near Melbourne.

Beach vacation - anyplace with a nice beach and a place to stay and relax. We went to the south Jersey shore several times as kids, to Stone Harbor, which my mom had visited as a girl. In 2001 we went with my family to its sister town of Avalon. Things had changed a LOT in 20 years - can you say outrageous McMansions? - but the beach was still wonderful, as was sitting on the second floor balcony of our rental house, listening to the surf and the gulls. It was my dad's last vacation and his last visit to an ocean, which made it bittersweet, but we still all had a lovely week. I want to take the girls on a beach vacation. Yes, we live on a large freshwater lake; unfortunately the water here is NOT fresh in terms of germs/bacteria; even the beaches are getting horrible ratings. Besides, there is just something about the sea air...

DisneyWorld - at least once, right? I know the girls would vote yes on this trip. We actually considered a Disney cruise this spring but decided against it. Maybe next year will be the year - sounds like a fun spring break trip. I'd also like to visit the Mouse in his house.

Hawaii - always sounds good. My dad was stationed there in the 1950s when he was in the Navy. At first he was disappointed to not be out at sea, but quickly fell in love with the then-territory. He refused to return there later in life because he knew how much it had been built up and wanted to retain his memories from his youth. I would just like to experience it.

Ireland - we actually had an opportunity to go with some of our family several years ago, but I was due with Rebecca at the same time so we couldn't do it. Hopefully we can get a family group together again at some point so that we could experience it together. I do have Irish ancestry of my own, in addition to having an Irish married surname. My sister and I briefly reconnected with some relatives from that branch of our family tree some years ago, but are no longer in touch with those folks.

Niagara Falls - yes, I have been there before, several times, but want to go back and take the girls. Jim and I went there on our way back from a vacation in Toronto early in our marriage. In general, Jim has seen more of the United States than I have, but somehow had never made it to see the Falls. He had told me that he was not completely wowed by the Grand Canyon, and felt that his family had spent more time there that he would have liked. So I was concerned that we'd arrive in Niagara Falls and he would be similarly bored. We got there, parked and took a tram down to the falls. As we stood there, he was quite impressed and told me that he found it very cool. Big relief! We were only there for a few hours but I love watching all that water so much that I could just sit and stare. Plus the people-watching there is really fun; there are visitors from all over the world.

Western US desert - Jim and I have talked about taking a RV vacation at some point. I want to just stop and stare at the beauty of the deserts. I have seen photos from friends who have traveled that way and they are breathtaking, which tells me that the live experience would be so much better.

I realize that I haven't mentioned most of Europe, any of Africa, Asia or South America in my places above. I would be happy to travel to those places as well, but right now I don't feel a strong pull to any particular destination in those places. Should I ever win big lottery dollars, though, I can afford to go to all of my second-tier destinations.

Where would YOU like to go? Want to join me on any of the above?


Bonnie said...

I most want to go back to China, especially to Sichuan Province. And then onto Tibet...

Which part of the western US desert are you thinking? There is a lot of it, and it varies a lot. I spent many summers in the desert part of Washington State (yes, there is desert in Washington State - much of the state, in fact). I've also lived in New Mexico, and have been through the Mojave.

Pollyanna said...

I just happen to know someone that lives in Arizona;) I'd love to visit with you if you ever make it out this way. We have lots of desert.

What a fun list.

Joannah said...

I would also like to see Ireland! And, I'd like to see more of the UK - I've been to London but that's all.

I hope we can find a way to do Italy next year, though. We want to do Florence and Venice together. We've got the air miles. We just need some $$ and good health!

Keep dreaming and making plans. It will keep you keepin' on.


Sherry S. said...

I've wanted to go to Australia ever since I saw the movie "Muriel's Wedding!"
I refuse to believe that "Porpoise Spit" and "Hibiscus Island" are fictional locations created for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!