Sunday, August 09, 2009


Last night the girls and I took a walk around the block, which actually became a solo walk for me. Why? Because they kept running ahead of me in mini footraces. They would stop every few driveways, and as I approached, they would say "here comes Mama!" and take off again. So, it was sort of a solo walk.

However, at the beginning of the walk, Carly wanted to stay with me and hold my hand. As we walked, she asked me if I remembered something that had happened (already I forget what it was!). I did, and she told me "I have a lot of remembers in my head, Mama". Then our neighbor's dog, Sam, barked a greeting from behind his fence. Carly asked me if I remembered the time that Sam tried to get into our car and go shopping with us. This dog is not allowed to go loose; if he isn't in his fenced backyard, he's tied up in the front yard, because like our dogs, he likes to wander. I asked Carly if maybe she was remembering my sister's dog Olive, who HAS hopped into our car a few times. Olive and Sam look similar to her, as Sam is a Rottweiler and Olive is a black Lab mix. Carly insisted that it was Sam, and that I (Mommy) didn't remember. "Mommy, you only have two remembers in your head."

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