Monday, August 31, 2009

One step closer to the big time

Got good news today - my MRI shows no brain mets. So my date with Interleukin-2 is still on! Tomorrow is my day trip to visit the cardiologist and then to OSU to breathe into some tubes... aka pulmonary function test - judging by the way I was yelling at the girls tonight, I'm guessing my pulmonary function is just fine.

The day turned bad after I left work. I was waiting to get through a busy intersection on my way to the freeway, and pulled up to the next line of waiting cars a bit too soon. I thought I was okay, but the cop who pulled me over did not, and gave me a ticket. BOOOOOOOOOOO. It was my fault - even though the next light was green, I should have waited until the intersection cleared, but still... just one more hassle, expense and complication. For part of the trip home I muttered arguments that I could use if I go to court. Court date is 9/23 so conceivably I could go, but let's face it, I am not bloody likely to win at mayor's court when it's an intersection that resident have long complained about, being blocked. *sigh*

Then I got home and Carly told me that I got a package. I knew this, because I'd checked online and some clothes we'd ordered from Gymboree were due to arrive. Carly then informed me that Rebecca was inside opening said package. Ok... so I walked into the front hall, and Rebecca approaches. Does she say "hi mom", "how are you" or any other pleasantry? Of course not. She's angry because a shirt that was supposed to be for her, was in Carly's size. I must have entered the wrong size on the order. But in Rebecca's mind, this was a deliberate slight, an attempt to show that Carly should get more, that I love Carly more, ad nauseum. I was pissed. And I told Rebecca that I really didn't appreciate her attitude and lack of the common decency of a 'hello'. After we both calmed down I explained that we can check the local Gymboree stores and see if they have the shirt in her size so we can exchange them. No big conspiracy. *sigh again*

The good news far outweighed the bad today - how come I still feel beat up???


Joannah said...

Good news on the HDIL-2 front. :-)

I got a stop sign ticket back in June. We're going to traffic court tomorrow morning to see if we can get it thrown out. It's just one more hassle we don't need. I know how you feel.

Hang in there. You've only got about 15 or 20 more years of sibling rivalry to deal with.

sherri said...

Congratulations on the clean MRI!

Boo hiss to the less than stellar parts of the day. I'm thinking of you as you enter this phase of your treatment.

Audrey said...

Congrats on the MRI! I've been thinking about you!

The rest of it, well, that's just normal life stuff. Normal is good. :)