Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random bits of nonsense

The other day on Facebook, when I tried to search for someone, I got this message:

Search is currently unavailable.

Please try again at a later time or right now.


My friend Ellen went carpet shopping recently. Some of the carpeting she looked at was made of "undetermined materials." What??????


How can "Glee" be named the "new hit show" on the night of its premiere?


One recent weekend day, I happened to be driving by myself. I am alone in the car all week and usually listen to audio books. I was out of "reading" material so was scanning the radio for good tunes. I happened upon a Van Halen song that I used to love but hadn't heard in a long time, so I cranked the volume. At some point it occurred to me that driving down the interstate, blasting Van Halen from a minivan must look rather preposterous to passersby.


A 3 yr old is a poor player of "Rock-Paper-Scissors". Of course, if you are her 6yr old opponent, you constantly want to use this game as a way to settle disputes.


Please feel free to add your own in comments.

Friday, May 01, 2009

The power of the Internet

On my ACOR kidney-onc list, there was a vent this week from one of the members. He's been through a lot lately; just went through HDIL-2 treatment, which was pretty brutal, as it usually is, but hopefully (fingers crossed) effective. He posted his vent on his blog that same day; you can read it here. Basically, the mortgage company that holds his home loan decided that having stage IV cancer and trying to work out a restructuring plan wasn't good enough - he and his wife were behind on payments, so the mortgage company arranged for their house to be auctioned on May 8. Th ecompany has ignored their calls, not returned calls, missed meetings, etc. over the past several months, so there was no way of getting through to them.

Until... the next day, when he posted to the list a list of contacts at the mortgage company, both phone numbers and emails. He posted again that evening to say thanks to the list... as he had just gotten off the phone with his previously MIA case manager, who within 10 minutes got everything straightened out so that Angelo and his wife can keep their house.

And it gets better...he also contacted various media outlets and got a response of interest from Fox News. They followed through with this story. And, a list member mentioned later that the story was on Fox's screen crawl. I have never been a fan of Fox News, but I really respect them following up on this story.

I didn't get a chance to make any calls or send any emails on Angelo's behalf, because I didn't see the message with the contact list until the happy outcome message was also posted. But I am in awe of all the folks who were able to follow through. They made a difference!!! It's sad that it had to come to this... what about all the people who don't have an army of fellow warriors to speak up for them? But I am thrilled that this family's house was saved.