Sunday, April 19, 2009

Great week, sadly come to an end

I just spent the last week on vacation with my girls. Rebecca had spring break from school. She could have gone to a holiday week "camp" but I had decided a while back that I was going to take that week off to give both girls a week of no school. They go all year, which bothers me as a working mom. My surgery in February almost wrecked my plan but luckily not.
Easter was spent at home and at Jim's parents' house, where we had a ton of fun. The cousins have so much fun together... the ages are 16, 14, 6, 5, 3, 2 and 9 months. The baby isn't exactly running around yet but loves to make faces and be held. The teenagers are so good with the little girls, playing with them, carrying them around, etc. And the middle four are a hoot together. Carly particularly loves her cousin Annaliese, who is two. Carly hates being the "little sister" and so when she's around A, she gets to act like the big sister. If it were up to Carly we would have another baby (girl of course, according to her). However, just tonight she pointed out that we can't have a baby because we've given away the baby clothes, toys and crib. I wisely did not point out that were we to actually have a baby on the way, we could purchase those things. Instead, I considered myself off the hook.
During the week we did the following:
Monday - saw the Hannah Montana movie, sneaking Easter candy in mommy's purse for snacking. The movie was better than I expected, and I will admit shedding a few tears during it. (And since I don't generally watch HM on TV, I had no idea that Miley Stewart's late mom was none other than Brooke Shields!)
Tuesday - we were lazy all morning, then went to lunch at Friendly's and spent a few hours at our local library. They have a great kids area and so the girls had a good time. Carly played with all the toys; Rebecca read books. Now that she is really reading pretty well, she loves to sit down with a book in one of the comfy reading chairs. It was great fun and I was able to pick up a couple of audio books for my daily commute.
EDIT 4/20: how could I forget??? During our lazy morning we gave ourselves mani/pedis! Carly has one foot of pink toes and one of purple. Becky has pink and red alternating toes. Both had pink and blue alternating fingers, though those have worn off. Boring mommy went monochrome on each extremity... "ruby slipper" on fingers and daring purple on toes.
Wednesday - we took my nephew Marty with us to the Museum of Natural History. I had not been there in years and was pleasantly surprised by all of the new exhibits, including the outdoor exhibit, where we got to see real bald eagles as well as a number of other birds and animals. They even have otters, who seemed to love Rebecca and Marty. Carly enjoyed the museum too, but Becky really loved it. I hope we can go back again in the not too distant future so she can really absorb everything. I discovered that it is not easy to be the only adult shepherding three kids under age 10. Additionally, having a 3, 6 and 8 year old means juggling very different interest levels. I felt bad that we had to leave some things earlier than one child would have liked, to accomodate the interest or lack thereof of one of both of the others.
Thursday - the cold, rainy weather finally broke and we had a cool but sunny day. We took advantage of the weather by going to the zoo with Grandma Monahan and Annaliese. It was really fun for all of us. We didn't see the whole zoo but spent time really looking at the animals we did see. Since we have a membership, I decided we need to go more often, even if only for a couple of hours, since there's a lot to see. And we haven't even been to the Rainforest yet.
Friday - the weather was even better, so we stayed home and the girls spent the afternoon outside, riding their bikes, using chalk on the sidewalk and driveway, and playing with the next door neighbor's daughter, who is a newly minted four year old. I was able to accomplish a couple of projects from the list of projects that I'd hoped to complete on vacation. Dream on, I know... but I got more done over the weekend so I didn't do too badly in that respect.
We had our moments, and I definitely need to do less yelling as a mom, but all in all it was a great girls' week. Jim wasn't able to take off work, but we talked to him on the phone each day and shared our adventures with him each evening.
This is the stuff of great memories - I want my girls to have a full supply of them. Not that I am planning on checking out early - instead, I hope that they just get to look back and say, Mom, we had such a lot of fun growing up.
Now we have to return to the daily routine. Sadly, I only had one number in the Mega Millions drawing, so quitting my job is not so much an option right now. This week is full of medical appointments, which are not well timed in light of my vacation week, but need to happen, so there it is. I am hoping that next week I can start to push myself to get up and out of the house earlier, so I can leave work earlier, pick up the girls earlier, eat supper earlier, and get all of us to bed earlier. More sleep is needed in this house, for sure. And with Rebecca starting first grade in a few months, we will need to be up and at 'em earlier in the morning, so it will be good to get in the habit sooner rather than later.
Speaking of medical appointments, I have CT scans scheduled for tomorrow morning. I will get the results when I see Dr. Rini on Wednesday (4/22). Please oh please let these scans be clean! I should expect nothing good, but I hope for it so much that bad news will be hard to take. Not impossible, because I know that I will pick myself up, dust myself off and plan the next step if it's needed, but it will be hard at first.


sherri said...

What a great week! It's clear to see that your girls aren't the only ones who benefit from your efforts to have fun. Good luck on the scans. Send news asap.

Sherry said...

What fun!

Can you adopt me?