Thursday, March 05, 2009

What Liz is up to this week

Monday 3/2 - Back to work . Sore but ok. Good to see caring coworkers. Want to get back in groove and put this episode in the past.

Tuesday 3/3 - see Dr to have staples removed. Ah, relief. Taped up with steristrips and sent home. "Call me if you have any issues." Also given pathology repot - Spot was cancer, damn him. Liz prays that Spot was the last to leave the building, and that he shut off the cancer lights before he went.

Tue night - "you will have some drainage" says Dr. This was like a flood. Gross yet amazing. Finally slows down, Jim calls Dr, who is at son's cub scout meeting. He says this is normal but if you have prob call me tomorrow.

Bedtime - Incision is open about 3/4" per Jim. Liz worried that family is upset - Becky says no. Carly later says she dreamed of blood coming out of Mommy. Mommy feels bad. :-(

Overnight - incision opens completely. Greaaaat. Liz doesn't sleep - waking up every hour due to emotional upset. Jim claims not be driven crazy by Liz's rantings, but she wonders...

Wed 6:45am - Liz calls Dr b4 he goes to OR for the morning. He says come in after 1 PM and I will fix you up.

10:00 - Liz verifies time with his secretary - yes, 1:15 today.

Liz emails work team - have complication, going to dr, requests to work from home rest of week. Boss approves. (good man!)

12:30 - Marianne aka MIL/Grandma picks Liz up to take to Dr. He looks at wound. Hm. Pretty deep though is healing. Could do a couple of stitches then re-tape. Marianne asks to take a look (she is a retired nurse of 48 years). He says other option is to pack wound. It's decided to do that - Marianne will come out of retirement to help Liz by packing the wound 2x daily. Liz asks Dr how long does he anticipate it will take to heal. She expects him to say a month but he says 2 wks, plus (hemming a bit). Marianne later says a month for sure.
Liz feels better but still upset - finally eats lunch after appt but can't stomach supper. Sleep goes much better - Liz wakes a few times, checks to make sure bandages are not leaking and falls back asleep.
Thu 3/5 - Liz discovers that Aunt Flo has arrived. Where most people would say "what else could happen to you?" Liz is relieved because it explains her extreme emotional swings over the past few days. Liz logs on to work for a bit, stops to help family get out the door, then back to work. Many reports to be run, many re-runs need to be made. Tiring.
10:00 - Marianne and Annaliese come by for AM wound care. (A is niece; Grandma watches her on some weekdays.) A is enchanted by girls' toys, not so much by the dogs but she holds her own with them by saying "NO! AWAY!" when they come to sniff. Marianne gets Liz fixed up for the day, and notes that she sees new growth already in wound.

Rest of day - sitting and working. Next wound care after supper.

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sherri said...

Bad Spot! Oh Liz, I'm so sorry healing is not going as well as possible. It's good that you have people there to monitor and care for you. What's the next step WRT Spot? Is there any follow up treatment or further exploration in your future?