Thursday, March 12, 2009

She's in

And now for something completely different...

As you may recall from last year, making the decision about where to enroll Rebecca for Kindergarten was pretty difficult and stressful for us. Since we ended up not enrolling her in our public district, I knew we'd have to go through the enrollment process for first grade. Technically, we could continue to send her to the private elementary she's attending now, or could enroll her in our parish's school, but the school district is one of the reasons we moved here. Back in early 2008 when I called to cancel the K registration appointment, I asked the registrar when I should contact the district in 2009 to enroll R in first grade. She said it varied, but to give her a call in early February. I did so, and was asked to call back in March. So, I called Monday and got an appointment for today. Since the district has all the forms online, I didn't have to wait for anything to be mailed, or have to go to the Board of Education office to pick anything up. The registrar asked if I wanted to gather my documents (R's birth certificate and proof of our residency) before making the appointment, but I know myself well enough to know that I needed the appointment to force myself to get everything together. Our accountant isn't doing sit-down appointments for taxes this year unless you want or need to see him. Instead the firm has a drop off service this year. Their carrot to encourage clients to use the drop off is to keep the fee the same as last year unless you have a face to face appointment. Great! Every year going to see him feels like going to the principal's office, even though he doesn't yell at us or anything; he's just a gruff character. Anyhow, I kept putting off getting everything together to drop off, even though I've known about it for a month. For some reason it's my job to do this; I guess I initially volunteered myself and now Jim isn't offering to take over this task. I FINALLY got the paperwork up to the office on Wednesday. Now we're crossing our fingers that we're getting a refund and not a bill.

Back to school... I chuckled at the number of forms in the packet. The last time I filled out so many at one time was when we bought our house. The registrar looked everything over and approved it. She can't guarantee that Rebecca will get into our neighborhood school; if it's at capacity, she will be enrolled in one of the other 3 elementaries. But it's likely fine. The plan is for her to take the bus from our house to school in the morning, then the bus from school to Chaperon (where she and Carly are now) for after school. I had originally wanted to see if having her attend after-school at her elementary would be less expensive, but one day she very emphatically told me that she HAD to go to Chaperon after school. "I want to go to TWO schools, Mommy!" It will be easier on us that way, so even if it's a bit more expensive, the time saved by not having two pick-up points will make up for it. There's no point in enrolling her in before-school at Chaperon, as the bus goes past our house before we even leave in the morning! Adding before-school is an additional $20 per week which would be fine if she got breakfast there but she wouldn't, so I'll gladly use that money to feed her at home.

My baby in elementary school; it's only a few months away but still hard for me to believe. She's a little nervous about not knowing people there but I know she'll do well. Carly is so excited about first grade that she keeps telling us SHE wants to go! (once she gets out of kindergarten, that is)

Rebecca cracked me up tonight. We were in the car and she was talking about kids in her class. They have a colored card system for discipline, with green being "good" and progressing to yellow, blue then red as misbehavior escalates. R had one yellow day early in the year, when a boy in the class goaded her in to talking during nap time. But she's been green ever since. Tonight she told me that there are two boys in her class who have had no yellows at all. She said rather sadly, "D hasn't had a yellow, and neither has A." Then under her breath she muttered, "someday... someday..." ROTFL!

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Sherry S. said...

Congratulations to Becky!
Elementary school is a milestone.
I hope there's less paperwork when she signs up for college!!!!!

P.S. I hope your healing & recovery are going well, Liz.

Love ya!