Sunday, March 08, 2009


On the mend still, getting better and really looking forward to when I no longer have a hole in my side/back. Jim's mom has been doing a fantastic job of dressing it for me. There are still my "gross" moments, like when I have to unpack it to shower each morning, and when I forget and move at a funny angle, only to hear air-suction from it. (Ewwww) I'm still sore and it's hard for me to keep from over-doing. Figures that now I get the cleaning bug. Luckily Jim has caught it too and so we're starting to clear some junk out of the house.

I did get out for a little bit on Saturday; I took Becky to ballet and then we hit Kohl's because I had a 30% off "everything" coupon. We have needed some new small rugs for the kitchen and entry, so I was able to get nice replacements cheaply. Of course as some of you know, those coupons are really Kohl's Krack and so I got other stuff too. Didn't do too badly though; Becky got an Easter sundress, with a matching dress for "18 inch doll" (aka American Girl size), which thrilled her. I let her pick a Littlest Pet Shop toy for herself and one for Carly; I've been slowly feeding this small toy craze out of Mommy Guilt (1). We ended up stopping in the Women's section (plus size clothes for those of you who don't know the euphemism). I picked out a top to try on and Becky asked me to try another, in a pattern. I thought it would be too loud for me, so I also picked the same shirt in a solid blue. In the fitting room my picks did not look good but the patterned shirt did! Then on our way out of the department I saw a cute patterned dress. It came in a blue or green design with black and I liked both. When I tried them on I decided the green was a better color, but best of all, it fit... which I have not been able to say about dresses at Kohl's before. And with the discounts, the blouse was about $15 and the dress, $26. They were my congrats to myself for continuing my slow weight loss. I would show you a picture of the dress but Kohl's website is flaking out, so maybe later...

Tomorrow I will go into the office for the first time since the Great Monahan Flood of 2009. I liked working from home and this experience just added to my desire to tele-work more regularly; a subject that has come up briefly at work but I hope to pursue further this year. My direct supervisor, Deb, is scheduled to come back tomorrow from her brain surgery, so it will be a good day for all of us, as we've really missed her.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday, and my "home care nurse" is planning to come with me, which will be great as she can discuss my wound far more intelligently than I can. In the midst of all this chaos, I set up an appointment to see the gynecologist/reproductive endocrinologist who helped me achieve my pregnancies. She had diagnosed me with PCOS back when I was trying to conceive Carly, but between my quick success in getting pregnant with Caraly, and my more pressing health issues, I never followed up on it. When I had my annual physical in January, my nurse practitioner encouraged me to see the Gyn. I was going to wait to see how I felt after surgery before scheduling an appointment, but then my Pap test result showed endometrial cells. This added to my mild freak-out state at first, though research and discussion with friends who have PCOS eased my concerns that the test result necessarily meant something serious.

Looking forward to healing, to being able to do things, like, oh, bend down all the way, etc. Actually I want to take the girls to an indoor waterpark so healing is very necessary!

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Audrey said...

Good luck with everything and keep us posted! You sure do have a lot on your plate!