Monday, February 09, 2009

Casualty of Winter, or, Mother Nature is a mean mean b!t@#

This winter has seen the worst buildup in our gutters that we have ever experienced. We know that we need to replace them but hadn't gotten that far yet. As the snow has piled up, so has the ice risen far above the gutters. Our front door area is the worst, but we've had buildup in back too.

On Saturday night Jim was up later than I was. I came downstairs Sunday morning and could see he was not happy. When I asked what was up, he told me that he needed to tell me something. During the night, after I went to bed, he heard a loud crash on the back deck. Oh no, I thought, the ice has finally pulled the gutters down. It's not going to be any fun getting someone to come repair the gutters while we're still in melting mode. Jim told me that it wasn't the gutters, and that I needed to look out the back door.

I did so, and this is what I saw.

For those of you who have frequented my back deck, yes, this is the formerly lovely glass table that was the centerpiece of the patio set we bought in 2005. I picked that set out as a Mother's Day gift to myself, 3 days before my nephrectomy. And now it's a bunch of lovely shards on the wood, and will be ever so much fun to clean up once more of the snow and ice melt. I haven't looked closely at it but I assume it's a loss; it *might* be possible to order a new piece of glass for it, but I'm betting the frame is bent - how could it not be? In any case, not really the year I was planning any patio furniture purchases... sigh. It is funny though, that the lazy susan that was in the middle of the table appears to be intact. You can see it still circling the umbrella pole.

All in all, better to have lost the table than a gutter. But what a hassle nonethless!


Michael said...

Nice blog. Sorry to hear about your table, this winter has taken its tole on all of our homes (and bodies) The girls look like they had a great time on Christmas eve. Hope everyone is well! Have a happy Valentine's Day.

Uncle Mike

lglessner said...

Sorry about the table. We had a situation like that (but caused by raccoons) and ended up having to buy a new set. Like you say, replacing the glass turns out to be more time and effort than it's worth.

Oh, and we just put in new gutters from LeafFilter and they were not as expensive as I expected.

onesillymama said...

No kidding, Lynn. This may work out well, as while I really liked the table and it held good memories, I might not have picked it this time around. So I will watch the sales as spring stuff starts to come out.

Gutters aren't as expensive as I used to think. We got a rough estimate 2 yrs ago, when we should have had them done. However, we will likely have to spend a bit more because we really need at least one more downspout. The original owners cheaped out on a number of things, gutters included. :-)