Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And the waiting is the hardest part

Finally had my appointment with Dr. Rini today.

The news was very good! Still we are in a bit of suspense, however. I got to see a copy of my scan (have it on my computer now even!) showing the spot on my side that is concerning them. The spot has changed a tiny bit, maybe... from 2.42 cm to 2.47 cm. So, it's either stable or grew a little bit since November. Nothing else was found, so that is terrific. My big fear was that they would see additional “spots” elsewhere in the body, which would rule out any other treatment besides systemic therapy.

Dr. Rini is back to wondering what, if anything we should do with this spot. So he is talking to Dr. Kaouk, my kidney surgeon, again, to see if Dr. Kaouk feels any differently now about doing a cryoablation. It was on his recommendation that we waited 2 months and re-scanned. This morning Dr Rini also talked to a neurosurgeon who specializes in radiosurgery. Her name is Dr. Angelov - the same person who just operated on my friend Deb yesterday!!! (And please pray for her.) She specializes in brain surgery (of course) and on tumors close to the spine, which fortunately is not where mine is. She wants to consult with a colleague of hers who does more radiosurgery in the abdomen – the doctor she will be talking to is a doctor in my sister’s department, who she has known since he was a resident. So these are some good folks taking a look.

I won't know more until Monday or Tuesday. It is possible that they decide to do nothing, and scan me again in 3 months. If that is the case, I will probably enter a clinical trial where they study people with kidney cancer who aren't being treated. If I would need treatment later, I would just go off the study and get the treatment. So, more waiting... I certainly can't complain, but I wish I knew if I were headed for a procedure soon or not.


sherri said...

Good news is good news. It sounds as though you have a community of physicians who really care about you and will help you make educated decisions. I'm so pleased you're getting contentious care and that your scan was dalmatian spot free.

Another Julia said...

It must be hard to wait!!
I'm thrilled to hear that your spot is only a tiny bit bigger (if at all--measurements can certainly be slightly subjective on CT).
No other spots, either--hooray! Hopefully you and your surgeons can figure out the best course of action--and get it done so that you can move on. Stay well--thinking about you and wishing you the best.

Pollyanna said...

How great to know that you are in such good hands. I can't stand waiting to see. Fingers crossed that your spot remains small;)