Sunday, May 18, 2008

A little spilled milk goes a long way

Okay, confession time here. Our house is a wreck, our yard is a wreck. The yard part will improve greatly within a month; more on that later. But somehow we've just gotten ourselves into a morass of clutter. We're able to get things reasonably picked up in the common areas prior to big events like the girls' birthday parties, but then conditions slide back down into a mess. Slowly Jim and I have been working on changing this, so that our home can be an oasis rather than a source of stress, and so we don't panic at the thought of someone showing up unexpectedly. But it's very slow going and we do backslide.

Our kitchen table is, like many people's, a dumping ground. We would work on getting rid of the papers, books, toys, etc. on it, and make headway, but next thing you know, the piles have risen like floodwaters. I recently told Jim that we need to take everything off the table, put it into a box, and sort it from there, so that we could start fresh. Early this week Rebecca accelerated the process. One evening at supper, she tipped her milk glass. It was a small glass and wasn't full, but there was definite spillage. This has happened before, and we've cleaned up the area around the spill, but this time, I watched something in Jim snap. He started methodically taking stuff and putting it away. A lot of it was his, as he'd been using the table like an office desk. I was able to clean the table with oil soap, and put down new placemats the girls and I had bought early this year (Valentine's theme but hey, love is year-round!). And the best part is, we've kept it up all week. Yesterday it was raining outside so the girls ended up painting on the kitchen table. It's been a long time since we've had enough space to do that. Jim has a small pile starting again, but I will be bugging him to dispatch it after he wakes up this morning. :-)

I debated whether to post about this, but in the interest of full disclosure I decided to go ahead. Maybe letting everyone in on the "secrets" of my messy life will help me to be more neat and organized.


Natalie said...

I totally understand. Really, I do.

And also in the spirit of full disclosure, I was recently dx'd with ADD. Did you know that one of the ways that ADD manifests itself in adults is that they organize by making "piles"...and then leaving them.

I nearly fell over. I've been reading the book, _Delivered from Distraction_ - it's like reading about myself. The doc also recommended, _You Mean I'm Not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?_. Haven't gotten it yet, but I will.

Something to think about, maybe?

onesillymama said...

Yeah, sounds familiar! I read Driven to Distraction a while back, may not have finished it because I seem to recall feeling like it was ust telling me what was wrong but how to fix it. The new title sounds intriguing so I think I will check it out... thanks Natalie!