Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bits and pieces

Busy life, nothing big going on of note, either good or bad.

As you may have noticed, I've made a few changes to the blog. I wanted to be able to list links separately from friends' blogs. I think I will also put up a list of books read recently; I'd love to discuss them with anyone who's read the same ones! Speaking of books, I was invited to join a book club recently. I've been to two meetings and read two books so far and really enjoyed the discussions. Since I joined I've read One True Thing and Infidel. Next up is something lighter, The Jane Austen Book Club.

The girls are doing fine and enjoying the change in weather. You can see how nice it was last weekend from the photo I've now put up. The temps have dipped this week and they're predicting frost tonight but hopefully this will be the last of that. I just got a couple of inches cut off my hair. I don't deal well with my hair; I watch the stylist dry it and she makes it look so nice, but I can never approximate, much less duplicate her efforts. Most of the time I let it air dry, which of course keeps the natural wave and makes it look goofy. At least shorter is a change!

Carly is having hair issues as well. In her case they are directly related to her two-ness. She is quite the independent young lady and absolutely refuses to allow me to comb or brush her hair 99% of the time. We've been trying to grow her bangs out and she won't let me put them back in any way, so she looks like a sheep dog. I've threatened to get her hair cut short like a boy's, to which she replies "cut it!" C is not a girl with whom you can bargain to get her to do something. We've decided to get her hair cut shorter by a couple of inches and to cut the bangs again, until she is older. Interestingly, she will sit still for her teacher at day care to comb and style her hair; many days when I pick her up she has a small ponytail for the top hair or some other pretty style. Mommy is not allowed to do this though!

***Update since I started this post... we got it cut; she now has a bob with bangs. It is adorable and so nice to see her face again! She likes it, though the first night she told Jim "I want my hair back" but she was tired and cranky at that point. She hasn't mentioned wanting her hair back since!

Hair is not her only issue; she is independent, defiant, stubborn, you name it. Very exhausting to be around her sometimes. I keep using my mantra, "this too shall pass" to get through it. On the bright side, she seems to be showing interest in the potty again so maybe we'll be able to work on that soon. On Saturday morning she was walking around in her nightgown. She told me she had to go potty, which she hasn't done in a while. I took her to the bathroom and discovered that she had removed her diaper and put on a pair of Becky's underpants! She didn't actually do anything but she kept the panties dry, so maybe... maybe...

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Natalie said...

Oh, I totally empathize with the hair thing. I'm grateful that B likes her hair long, since M won't have anything to do with hair styling.

Except that when they got their hair cut this weekend, the stylist got out the curling iron, and since B's hair was so long, her curls were really pretty. M's hair is short, and very thick, so it wasn't as 'nice'. I kinda hope this sparks some interest in letting her hair grow - it is such a gorgeous color!

And of course, you know you need to share pictures, right? And I LOVE those polka-dotted dresses their wearing on your new blog pic - those are adorable!