Friday, January 18, 2008

Still clean

Here is the email I received this morning from my oncologist:

"Just got the results. There is NO evidence of change and NO evidence of recurrent RCC. I think we can repeat scans every 6 months. Reminding me with an email works best. Take care and reply with any questions."

(RCC = renal cell carcinoma)

So THAT is a relief, to be sure. Now I can enjoy my weekend. A girl friend invited me to see Juno; Jim agreed to chauffeur the girls to and from a birthday party, so I am free to be an adult for a while. We may make it a double feature and see 27 Dresses, which is not getting good reviews but might be some silly chick-flick fun. Depends on whether our behinds can take sitting through two movies!

Thanks to all for your prayers, PVs and good wishes. They help more than I can say.


Natalie said...

SO thrilled for you, Liz! Awesome news!

Jacqueline said...