Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Big day tomorrow

Time for CT scanning again. It's been 6 months already? This is a weird one because usually I go through my oncologist's nurse to make the appointment. She in turn works with appointment schedulers so it usually takes a few days to secure the appt and the appt is usually a few weeks out. When I saw Dr. Rini last summer, he told me just to email him when it was time to schedule and he'd have his secretary take care of it. No kidding... I emailed him Monday afternoon, he replied within 1.5 hours, and she called soon after, offering me an appt the next day if I wanted it. I had a full schedule today so I'm doing it tomorrow. This is good because I won't have to obsess about the appointment for a long period of time. I should have results by the end of the week, which I will post.

As always, I am nervous, even though chances are very good that the scans will show that I'm still cancer-free. It stinks to always have over my head, but better this than actually being sick. And assuming the news is good, I'll feel like I can get on with my winter. I have LASIK surgery scheduled for February 7 and we're planning a weekend away at an indoor water park for late winter. I am very excited about the fact that I won't need to wear glasses in the water! Last year when we went that was a big pain. So, I have lots to look forward to, once I clear another hurdle.

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Natalie said...

Liz, I'll be thinking about you all day tomorrow, and waiting to celebrate your good news with you. PVs that it goes smoothly and that you can get on with your LASIC surgery. ;)