Thursday, November 29, 2007

My Peanut is Five

Bad silly mama indeed... this was in my draft box and never got posted. Rebecca's birthday was almost 2 months ago. But I will post it here nonetheless...

On Monday, my sweet firstborn celebrated her fifth birthday. She is Rebecca now, most of the time, because she has learned to spell REBECCA instead of just BECKY. On Tuesday at her well visit, she also, for the first time, correctly spelled her last name.

My baby is definitely not the little peanut I stared at in the nursery 5 years ago. She is a girly-girl who loves dresses, dressing up, Barbie dolls, jewelry, and "fancy" things. I have to laugh a bit ruefully because she loves scarves or anything wrapped around the neck. This seems to hark back to the womb and the umbilical cord around her neck that caused her to be born via c-section. But in general, she loves being a fashion plate; even when I don't consider her outfits to "match", she thinks they are beautiful.

On the other hand, set her in motion and she doesn't stop! She loves to run, and to ballet dance, and to ride her bike. She wants to walk 5K next year for the Race for the Cure and I think she will probably be dragging ME along. We watched her teenage cousin (and idol) play soccer recently and now Rebecca is interested. I hear the parents in our local soccer scene are not "my" kind of people, or rather I am not "their" kind, but I can put up with them if she has fun. I think she'll be reading before too long; she is spelling words that she sees everywhere. She likes to "read" books to me, which are memorized, but she does try to figure out the words. I laughed the other day when she showed me a reader she got for her birthday. She said, "I can read the title - it says Walt Disney Princess" ! It actually said "What is a Princess" but it was in the Disney font and started with W so I was still impressed. She's also doing simple addition in her head, which is fun to watch. A few times recently she has demonstrated her ability to count to 100; one day when I picked her up from day care she gave me a sheet of paper, on which she had written (with spelling help) "I COUNTED 126 BLOCKS". Preschool is getting a bit boring for her; she's ready for more challenges so her teachers are trying to give her more to do. The other day we watched a bit of a program about Mt Everest; at school on Monday she shared with her friends her new expertise on the subject of Everest. The next day, her teacher brought in a book about it for her to look at. The teacher told me that she is bored with her friends because they can't hold a conversation at her level. This has been her problem ever since she could talk and discussed with her toddler-class teacher our dog's "hip dysplasia". It seems that talking to your kids does in fact pay off. :-)

We have alot of silly fun together, and she still acts like a little girl at times. Lately she's been very moody and clingy, which her pediatrician says is due to hormone swings and not out of line. So I'm not going to worry about her emotions so much now, and will just ride things out as I have been trying to do. Her other vice is TV watching, which Jim and I have recognized and are controlling more than in the past. For all her perpetual motion, put her in front of Sprout or Noggin and she can quickly become a zombie, so we will be limiting screen time more than ever.

Rebecca is a fun big sister; she plays with Caroline a lot and likes to teach her things. This includes inviting C to accompany her to the bathroom, to show her how to use it! Who knows, she may potty train her sister for us. Caroline clearly idolizes her, except when Rebecca is acting like "Little Mommy" and trying to discipline her.

She also has a great love for our dogs. We now have two dogs that she can lift, so while she is not supposed to do this, she likes to pu tone or the other of them on her or my bed to pet. She is good about caring for them, if reminded, and tells me all the time how much she loves her dogs. Now she wants a cat, but knows we can't have one due to Jim's allergies (as well as his dislike of cats).

Jim and I love her so much and are looking forward to the upcoming year.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Momcab Confessions

Ok, so maybe not as spicy as Taxicab Confessions on HBO, but funny to me, nonetheless.

Monday, on the way home from day care... I called my niece to verify that she can watch the girls on Saturday. After I ended the call:

Becky(suspiciously): Why were you talking to A, mommy?

Liz: To see if she could babysit you girls this weekend.

Becky: I'M NOT A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never heard her make a statement this vehement about herself, lol! We agreed to call it kidsitting from now on.

Tuesday, same place:

Liz: I have two ideas for supper tonight, so I want you girls to choose what you want.

Carly: Pasta!

Liz: Uh no, (laughing), that wasn't one of the choices. Your choices are tacos or chicken fried rice.

Becky: Tacos.

Carly: Mommy, can you talk with me?

Liz: Sure baby, what do you want to talk about?

Carly: Bar.
(Bar = Trader Joe's Breakfast Bar = Carly's perfect food)

Liz: No sweetie, no bar for supper.

Liz and Becky converse on other subjects for a few minutes. Carly is silent.

Carly: Tacos!

Liz: Oh, Carly, were you pondering your choices? Have you finally decided on tacos?

Carly: Yes, tacos.