Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's that again?

As I am sitting at my computer in my home office (yay Jim, got the new machine up and running!) the girls are playing in their room. They are supposed to be taking a nap but I made the fatal mistake of letting Becky stay in the room while I put Carly down. Carly just can't fall asleep if sisy is there. So, B has made up some jumping game that involves the lids of Rubbermaid tubs that I have out to try to get put away a bunch of clothes that are in between girls right now.

Carly comes running into the office; she is wearing only her diaper, so she is her alter ego, NakedBaby.

"Bad news and bad news!"

"What, Carly?"

"I'da know. Bad news!"

And she runs back to her sister.


sherry said...

As I'm sitting here cracking up I'm also thinking,
"Uh oh.......hope there really wasn't bad news!!!!"

onesillymama said...

Nah, she was just repeating (sorta)something Becky was saying as they were playing the game. No worries!