Sunday, October 14, 2007

What's that again?

As I am sitting at my computer in my home office (yay Jim, got the new machine up and running!) the girls are playing in their room. They are supposed to be taking a nap but I made the fatal mistake of letting Becky stay in the room while I put Carly down. Carly just can't fall asleep if sisy is there. So, B has made up some jumping game that involves the lids of Rubbermaid tubs that I have out to try to get put away a bunch of clothes that are in between girls right now.

Carly comes running into the office; she is wearing only her diaper, so she is her alter ego, NakedBaby.

"Bad news and bad news!"

"What, Carly?"

"I'da know. Bad news!"

And she runs back to her sister.

Monday, October 01, 2007

My baby girl is two

Carly is an official two year old. We had a family party for her on Sunday and everyone had a blast. We went with a simple menu of Italian type favorites that is, pasta! I am not a great cook and did not want to try to fuss or impress anyone. Weirdly, I often feel like I should be making more food from scratch, trying to be more of a hostess in that way. But, it's not who I am.

I did make the cake myself. It wasn't beautiful, but it was tasty. Carly wanted an Elmo birthday, as much as she can "want" something as abstract as a birthday theme. I decided to bake a cake myself rather than ordering from the grocery store. So, I made two 13x9 white cakes, made pink frosting using my mom's wonderful buttercream frosting recipe, and put it together. I had ordered an Elmo candle cake topper, which came with some Elmo bling (aka plastic rings). As I frosted the cake the consistency of the frosting looked okay, but after I finished I started to notice it drooping down the sides like it was too liquidy. I cleared space in our laundry room fridge and put it in there for a while, which saved the day. Then I decorated it with a happy birthday message, discovering just how hard it is to write nicely in icing! But everyone said it was pretty, and it was tasty, so I was satisfied. I took a couple of photos which I'll post once I download them.

Grandma Sandy got both girls fairy princess costumes to wear at the party. Becky was Tinkerbell and Carly was a pink princess with wings and antennae. We ditched the wings quickly as they wouldn't stay in place, but she loved the dress and didn't want to change to pajamas at bedtime. She got nice gifts from the family and loved her big gift from us - a small electronic keyboard. She and Jim saw it last week at BJs and she played with it in the cart all through the store. He told her he would buy it for her. She fell asleep on the way home from BJs and forgot about it when she got home. So, bad parents that we are, we hid it and wrapped it for her birthday. Well, she was thrilled when she took off the wrapping paper! She started playing with it right away. Next thing I knew, Becky brought out an old keyboard Jim had given her and the two of them started jamming and dancing.

I don't have a baby anymore! Caroline is sleeping in a big-girl bed now, as of two weeks ago. She loves it; will look at the corner of the bedroom and say "no more kib (crib)". Of course, she doesn't want to go to sleep at night these days, which is wearing on all of us. As I write this, Jim has just taken her for a car ride in hope of getting her to fall asleep. I hope it works but I'm not really optimistic about it. Hopefully soon we'll all get some sleep.

She is also starting to show signs of potty training, and has been successful several times. I suspect that she is wanting to emulate Becky more and more. She keeps asking to wear an Easy-up instead of a diaper, and this morning requested underpants. Not quite yet, missy, but maybe sooner than we anticipated! We might feel bittersweet about our baby growing up, but not about not needing to buy diapers anymore!

She talks up a storm and is pretty understandable most of the time. She does have some fun Carly-speak however:

BayLay = Bailey (one of our dogs)

Duppy-Duppy = Humpty Dumpty

Tiki = Trixie (one of our dogs)

Gaddis = Gladys (our newest dog, more on her in another post)

DuNO = I don't know

Cow butters = caterpillars

Arms outstretched: Pick up me.

At the refrigerator door one day she said: Mommy close door. Too heavy me.

Eating something - I LIKE it. I don' like it. I have some? - all said within the span of a minute

On Saturday Jim was asking her how old she is now, and she said "I'm actually two."

She is a typical two year old in many ways though... has a temper much worse than her sister at this age. Her rages can be amusing except when they are at inconvenient times, like when she decides not to comply with being buckled into her car seat. I like to call her Miss Independent because she does not want to accept help most of the time. Since the "too heavy me" incident she has discovered that the refrigerator door is NOT "too heavy me" and so now closing it is HER job. Woe to the family member who closes it for her, for they must re-open it for her to close.

When she's not raging though, she is the sweetest girl, full of smiles and giggles. She and Becky continue to adore each other when they aren't wrestling over some toy, seat, or other mutually desired item. I love watching them talk and play together. The sight of them loving each other is exactly what I dreamed of when I fantasized about having a family.