Tuesday, June 05, 2007


We knew we wanted to get another dog after Floyd died. Since we're gone so long during the day, I like for the dogs to have one another as company. I'd started looking online at various rescue sites but hadn't really seriously researched anything. I did know that I had Becky's request for a "small dog that will sleep on my bed" in the back of my mind.
One day in late April Jim forwarded an email he received from a coworker. It was forwarded from someone looking for a home for a dog they had named Ruby. She was a big dog, about 13 years old. She was in a shelter about 2 hours down state and was due to be euthanized, so a woman, K, was picking her up on Saturday and driving back to her home to foster her. Jim emailed her saying that we might be interested in her. I was surprised as she was definitely not a little dog! We were out in the morning that Saturday and Jim got a call from K letting him know she was on her way home with Ruby. She said Ruby was definitely not 13 but more like 8 or 9 years old. Jim told her he needed to talk to me and to Becky and we'd call back to set up an appointment to meet them.
I discussed it with Becky, who had seen Ruby's photo online. She liked the look of her so she agreed to meet her. I called K to let her know and asked if it would be feasible to visit the next day. No, it wouldn't, I was told. Wow, I thought, they found someone else already. Well, not exactly. K took Ruby out to the yard and went inside to take care of some things. Ruby jumped her fence and took off! K and friends had been out looking for her; the last sighting of her was by a local grocery store. K was sick about it, understandably. As we talked I told her that we truly wanted a smaller dog, so she suggested we check with Minimutts Rescue.
I went to their site, which connects to Petfinder, and found several cuties. We liked a little girl named Lana, but she had an adoption pending. Another dog on the site was Trixie, a black cockapoo who was a puppy mill mom. I completed an online application and waited for our references to go through. We had to give a vet reference and 3 personal references. Everyone said nice things about us, so we were approved within a couple of weeks. Carla, the founder of Minimutts, was fostering Trixie herself. So, the day before Mother's Day, she brought her over to visit us and to finalize the adoption. Trixie was a little nervous, understandably, but warmed up to us over the rest of the weekend.
Since then the girls have fallen in love with her. She is very sweet and really enjoys affection. Carly was calling her Lucy for a few days, after a dog in a book that we read most nights at bedtime. The funny thing is, Lucy in the books is a golden retriever! Becky lobbied to change her name to Daisy, but we decided that Daisy and Bailey ( or Bay-lay as both girls prounounce it) sound too similar. We got Trixie a name tag last weekend so Trixie she shall remain.
Unfortunately since she was a puppy mill dog, she resists pottying outside. If we stay out with her for 5-15 min she will finally go, but we have to go out with her and give her a treat immediately. Bailey is loving this because he gets a treat every time he goes too, to model the desired behavior . I'm sure he must be thinking "I don't know why I didn't get an immediate treat before, but this is GREAT!" This weekend I bought a crate for her and we've been reading up on crate training and other techniques to get her to go out.
She had her first visit with our vet on Saturday. In good news, he doesn't hear the heart murmur that the foster vet heard. He also says that her cataracts aren't bothering her much now. OTOH the reason she is knock kneed is because her kneecaps are on the insides of her legs. The vet says it doesn't bother her right now but eventually one or both knees might need surgery. Oh well.
I hope to get some better photos of her up soon, but my camera died and my computer needs replacing, so I have some issues to work out first. :-)
You might be wondering what happened to poor Ruby. Well, it turns out there was a happy ending to her story. K got a call the next day from a local family. They had been shopping at the grocery store where Ruby had run to, and they took her home. She and the family quickly bonded so they ended up adopting her! K was worried that we would be angry but Jim told her, and I agreed, that this must have been Ruby's fate, to be brought 2 hours north to find her family. Her name is Midnight now and last I heard she was doing well.


Scrappytbear said...

What a happy story, so glad you have a new dog! Good luck on the training!

sherry said...

Trixie's a cutie!!!
So, does she sleep on Becky's bed?