Friday, June 08, 2007

It's been a year... (?)

A year ago today I met my oncologist, Dr. Rini, for the first and only time. I had just been told that there was a nodule detected in my lung, that would need to be biopsied. I thought that my world changed in 2005 when my kidney was removed with a diagnosis of cancer, but this news really rocked it. The biopsy was fortunately negative and so far the nodule has not grown, so it is looking more likely that it is just a weird, benign growth. Still, there is always that uncertainty about what might be going on. At the end of this month I will contact Dr. Rini's nurse to schedule my next CT scan in July, since I am finally to the point where I could wait 6 months between scans.
I have no reason to think that this scan won't be clean, but until I hear that it is, I'm on edge. If it is indeed clean, that will give Jim and me extra cause for celebration; we're going to Las Vegas in August to celebrate our 10th anniversary. I also have other plans, like being evaluated for refractive surgery (LASIK), even though my girls both want me to keep my eyeglasses. If on the other hand, the scan shows some growth, then it will be treatment option time and my whole life will be thrown for a loop. I don't spend a lot of time dwelling on this possibility, but it's in the back of my mind and pops up to the forefront at times.
Not looking for anyone's pity here, but in case I seem even more distracted and spacy than usual, you'll know why.


sherry said...

We'll just keep sending the PVs & prayers your way and celebrating the milestones.

I can't believe it's been 10 years for you & Jim already! Congratulations (in advance) on your 10th anniversary!!!

Love you guys!!!

Natalie said...

PVs, Liz, for a clean scan and a truly joyous celebration to follow! :) When will you hear results?

Regina said...

PV's for clean scans!!! And enjoy that celebration!

Nina said...

Wow, a year has gone by already? Liz I'll be thinking of you and sending PVs. Say, is there any way to schedule now, instead of waiting until the end of June?

I know your August celebration will be grand!

Audrey said...

Best of luck! I'll be sending out my PVs in droves for you!

Happy (early) Anniversary!!