Sunday, February 04, 2007

It's almost Valentine's Day

And that has us all thinking hearts. I want to ask you all to think even into the heart... and think about giving blood. Here in the midwest there is a serious blood emergency, which I believe extends across the US. Elective surgeries are being delayed because of it. You never know when you may need blood. I was surprised after coming out of the anesthesia after my kidney surgery to learn that they had given me four units of blood while I was in the OR. Then that evening, I "sprang a leak" in my back - a surface vessel broke and I started bleeding. They got it stopped quickly but gave me two more units. So six people who will never know me helped to save my life.

I have to be free of cancer for 5 years before I can give again, so I won't be eligible until 2010, if all goes well. My dad was a regular donor, who had reached the 12 gallon level before he was diagnosed with cancer.

So I'm asking all of you to consider giving the gift of life to others. You can check out the American Red Cross's site for information on where, how, etc. Yeah, I know, there are needles involved, but it goes pretty quick and then you get to eat cookies and drink juice! :-)

Giving blood is a valentine that you can give us all, so please consider donating.


Sarah said...

That's a great reminder, Liz!

I used to donate all the time (especially in college - free donuts!), but I'm not eligible now. I lived in the UK in 1990-91....I guess I'm at risk for mad cow's disease. Although I didn't eat much meat in those days. Oh well.

Liz said...

Wow Sarah, what a drag! It seems unfair that the regular givers are the ones knocked out. I wasn't regular but was getting back in the swing of it. And my friend/boss D was knocked out by her cancer diagnosis too. bleah.
So the rest of you need to step up to the plate!

Lisa said...

Good reminders for all of us.

I used to give blood all the time - and had just gotten my 1 gallon pin when I fainted after giving. Haven't been able to set foot in a drive since then. I've tried twice and had anxiety attacks both times... but I'll try again until I get it.