Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Funny times at our house

I know it's been too long; sorry about that. The holidays are always such a whirlwind. Just thought I'd share some little girl funnies while I am remembering them.

On Saturday Becky went to spend the night at her cousin's house. She was soooo excited; he is 6 1/2 and they have a lot of wild fun together. She wanted to put her pajamas on before going over there; I discouraged her because she was going to be eating supper with them. We got there only to discover my nephew in his jammies already! So she changed before I left and they tore off to be maniacs together.

Well, the fun only lasted so long. They called us at about 8:30pm to let us know that she needed a new easy-up because she had, well, used hers. She was having so much fun dancing around and playing that she didn't make it to the bathroom in time. Then they called again at 11:30... she had thrown up. Great... I threw on a coat and went to get her, being happy that they only live about 2 miles from us. B was upset and wanted to go home, but said she felt fine. In the car I learned what had happened... she and cousin were in bed talking and he filled her with tales of Bigfoot. It's unclear whether he told her Bigfoot was real or imaginary, but she got so scared that she felt sick. So, they went to my sister's bedroom, where B promptly barfed on the bed. On the way home she told me she was hungry but once inside decided she was too tired to eat. She was fine after that but keeps asking about Bigfoot. Also, Jim had been trying to explain to her how Bigfoot is just considered a legend, and told her about the Loch Ness Monster. Bad move; she started asking about the monster in the water then!

Sunday and Monday were without incident, just the usual toddler and preschooler fun and games.

This morning (Tuesday) it was cold and icy out, since it rained a lot yesterday. Jim was outside warming up and scraping both cars. I helped the girls into their coats and then needed to leave. I kissed them both and asked Becky to watch Carly, who was crying because I was leaving. When I got to my car I realized that I needed to go back into the house. I walk in to see Becky sitting at the bottom of the stairs, alone.

L: Where is Carly?
B: I don't know.
L: You were supposed to be watching her?
B: I WAS watching her.
L: Clearly you weren't since you don't know where she is!

Our downstairs is a big loop of foyer, hallway, kitchen, dining room and living room. I turned to go down the hallway and notice a paper towel on the floor. Not just any paper towel mind you, but the one that was wrapped around the sandwich I stuck in my purse to eat in the car. No sandwich in sight.

L: Was this my sandwich?
B: I think so.
L: Did the dog eat it?
B: Yes.

So I continue through to the living room to look for Carly, while Becky went the other way. She found her first, and Carly was disassembling a drawing kit of B's.

B: No, you aren't supposed to have crayons! This is unacceptable! (guess she does listen to mommy sometimes)
L: And it is unacceptable that you weren't watching her!
B: Sorry, Mommy.

We got everyone into the car without further incident.

At work today I called a local dance school to see about getting Becky signed up for "ballerina classes". She has decided she would prefer ballet over her current gymnastics OR the Irish dancing she had wanted to learn. I'm waiting for a return call to go check out a class.

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