Monday, September 18, 2006

The things we do for love

Last Tuesday, it was a gray, drizzly day, starting in the afternoon. Usually Tuesday is Gym Class Day for Miss Becky, but not last Tuesday. Instead, we went to Great Northern Mall to see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Tour. Set up in the parking lot was a caravan of trucks and booths. Grover from Sesame Street was there, leaning over a stage - I think the rain was getting him down, so to speak. Due to the weather, the stage show had been moved indoors, but we didn't mind. Becky and I walked around to the different booths. A large truck housed a multi-media display of the history of the parade. There were some neat things to see, including Tom Turkey's head. From there B and I skipped across the lot to a booth where they had the actual glasses worn by Chicken Little - they were very big! Then we got in line at the next booth, where a clown and pirate were making balloon animals. Becky requested a puppy and the pirate obliged. It started drizzling harder at this point and so I asked Becky if she wanted to go home or go to the last booth we had not yet attended. No, in Becky's mind we must experience Everything, so we got in line. At this booth the ladies dressed each person in a Macy's apron, a ruffled collar and a clown hat, then gave each person a red ball nose. Then, they took your picture against a green screen. On the computer, the background showed the parade. I had to hold Becky on my hip because she was too small to show up well on the photo. They were nice enough to take a second shot when they realized how small she looked on the display. We received a card witha code on it and were told to check in the next day to download the photo. But bummer... it STILL doesn't work, six days later. I have been waiting to get the photo before posting about our experience, but no luck, even though I received a reply from a customer service person saying that they are looking into the problem. If the picture ever surfaces, I'll post it.

Was it the best experience of the summer? No. But it was worth a few minutes of our time and a few raindrops to see my little girl dance excitedly around the parking lot.


sherrimc99 said...

Sounds like fun! It's a good reminder, too, that what going out of our normal way can make the biggest impression on our little ones. I hope you got great pics!

bh said...

Wonderful time for your family!
What's the news??
Barb H

Anonymous said...

That sounds like fun...Aviva would have loved it.