Friday, September 29, 2006

Rainbows and scans and PVs... oh my

What a day. It started raining Wed evening and rained pretty much nonstop until early this afternoon. Now the sun is shining.

My original plan was to slip out of work for my CT scan and slip back. This is easy to do because the place I get the scans is within 5 min of my job. Well, life had other plans. Wed afternoon our day care called Jim to say that Becky was running a fever, which concerned them because both strep and hand foot an mouth are going around. Super... Jim tried to call me to let me know, but I'd left my cell at home. So I arrived at day care only to meet Jim there. He had already called our ped and they got Becky and appt for Thursday morning. He took off Thursday to take her and then stayed home with her. Turns out she has a mild case of HF&M, and so needed to stay home the rest of the week. So, I scheduled Friday off. I then remembered the scan. Luckily Grandma Sandy, who lives by my workplace, was going to be home this morning. I bundled Becky into the car and drove through pouring rain for about 30 of the 34 miles of my daily cross-county trek. The rain slowed down at the exit before GS's. I happened to glance out the window and was surprised to see not one but two rainbows! One was faint but the other was brilliantly beautiful. I took this as a good omen. I pointed it out to Becky and she deemed it "amazing". As we drove through the development where GS lives, she kept saying "I still see it! Rainbow!" as it reappeared from behind the trees.

We got to GS's house and had her come out to look at the rainbows. Then I left for the medical center. This time I didn't have to drink the hideous Redicat but instead got there an hour early to drink the nasty Crystal Lightish stuff. It's still not a beverage of choice but FAR easier to tolerate than the RC. They called me back and then had a hell of a time finding a vein. I am almost always a hard stick and there were 3 techs working on me, apologizing all the while. After two misses and a blown vein, #4 was the charm. I held my breath as directed for the test, was disconnected and left.

I went back to visit with GS and then took Becky to lunch at Applebee's which is one of her favorite places, lol. We got home at about 1PM and there was a message on my answering machine from Dr. Rini. The message said he had scan reports and to call him on his cell (!), as he was leaving town and idn't want me to wait until he got back to town. With a bit of trepidation I called, though he had said there was no urgency so I had a good feeling. I called him back and I was right. The lung nodule has not changed and he saw nothing else concerning. He is feeling more relaxed, with the caveat of "we can only relax as far as the last scans" but, I don't have to go back now for 3-4 months! YES!!!!!!!

Thank you all so much for your prayers and PVs. I so appreciate them.
I hope you all have a good weekend - I know I will!


Anonymous said...

what a relief! Congrats and have a peaceful time before another scan!

sherry s said...

Let me be the first to say, "YES!"
Congratulations, Liz!!!!!!

I like Dr. Rini alot---we shot a couple of videos with him at work, and he is awesome!

Love ya, kid!

Jacqueline said...

woo hoo!!!

Natalie said...

I thought I posted a comment, but I guess it was one of those mental things (LOL). Anyway, I was soooo happy to read this, Liz - what a gift!