Friday, September 01, 2006

Becky funnies

Speaking of the grocery store, we generally shop once a week. Sometimes both girls will go with me, which gives Jim the opportunity to work on things at home uninterrupted. Other times, like last weekend, Carly is napping so Becky and I go by ourselves.

The store we shop at, Heinen's, has a salad bar and 3 hot soups every day. Sometimes we bring home some soup or salad for a "treat" lunch at home. Recently they put two small tables and four chairs near the soup and salad bars. Ever since they did this, Becky has been very interested in eating lunch at the store. (We've done this at another store, and she thinks it is great fun.) When we were there 2 weeks ago, she asked if we could eat lunch at the store. I told her no, because we had already filled our cart, so I explained that the frozen food would melt, etc. I promised that we could eat lunch there the next time.

Forward to last Sunday. It's just B and me. As we walk in, she reminds me of my promise. OK then, I guess I need to keep it! First we go to the soup area to see what they have. Chicken noodle, B's favorite... check. Tomato basil bisque, Mommy's favorite... check. We hit the salad bar next. B's idea of salad bar fare is one hard boiled egg, some cut strawberries and some shredded cheese. She eschews lettuce of any kind as well as pretty much all vegetables. She saw and asked for pasta salad. I told her that she probably would not like the dressing, but she insisted, so I got a little. I handed her the container while I got my salad. She said "I'll just take this to the table and start eating." I had to explain that we had to pay for it first. I grabbed some salad, we got 2 small soups and a bottle of water, and went to the register. The cashier was amused by our lunch plan; as we ate, so were every elderly lady walking by. But B had a grand time. I told her that we can't do this with C until she's older, but that B and I can do it again sometime as a special treat. :-)

CTTS: the other night Jim was doing B's bedtime routine with her (jammies and story in our room, lay down with her in her bed in the girls' room). I was downstairs, uncharacteristically watching TV. B comes down and announces "Daddy won't read me a story." I told her "this is between you and dadddy; you need to discuss it with him." She went back upstairs and I could hear them going through the routine. Later when I came up, Jim told me what happened. She came up the stairs and met him at the bedroom door. She said "come with me... we need to talk" and the went to the bed and lay down. B laid there for about a minute, staring at the ceiling as if to collect her thoughts. Then she said, "Mommy and I were wondering why you wouldn't read me a story." LOL. (Jim did read a story btw)

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