Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Baby Talk

The magazine that is. And yes, I'm still around. It's just that during the day I am supposed to be working, :-) and when I'm home I am rarely sitting down at the computer. When I am, it's just to catch up on email or whatnot.

Anyhow, if you hadn't already heard about this, the cover of the latest issue of Baby Talk magazine caused a stir recently, since it shows a baby nursing. Oh horrors, some mammary skin has been shown on the cover of a magazine! Why is it okay for all of the men's magazines (and I'm not talking about Playboy et al but rather Maxim, FHM, etc) to show very scantily clad women on their covers, and nobody says a word? In an article I read about the Baby Talk controversy, a woman they interviewed said something to the effect of "let's face it, a breast is a sexual thing". Um... I think you have this backwards, ma'am. Breasts were designed by nature to feed our babies. Somewhere along the way people decided to make them into objects of desire. Other criticisms I've read, both in articles and on mommy email lists I belong to, say "these women need to keep covered up and stop flaunting their breasts". Are there really that many breastfeeding women who are trying to flash us all??? I'm sure somewhere, some chick gets some kind of perverse pleasure out of doing just that, but as for the rest of us, uh, no! No nursing mom I know wants people looking at her breasts while she nurses. Generally nursing moms just want everyone else to treat what she is doing matter-of-factly, and don't really want attention drawn to the actual breastfeeding.

Some other critics say "there is a time and a place for nursing; it shouldn't be out in public." I say, why not? States keep passing laws saying that women can breastfeed anywhere that they can legally be. We're slowly beginning to get nursing moms and babies out of dirty public restrooms and cramped cars. Would you want to eat your meal in a public restroom??? I myself was never comfortable NIP (nursing in public) but that is just due to the size and shape of my breasts and body. I would have been one of those flasher mommies if I had! lol
Had I had an easier time with uncovering just what I wanted to uncover, I would have been happy to nurse any-and every-where I needed to. In my case, too, Becky was always really distracted by talking, tv or pretty much any ambient noise so it was easier to take her somewhere quiet to nurse. Funny, now when she watches TV we could drop a bomb next to her and she wouldn't flinch!

I will happily give Jim good-daddy kudos for a comment this morning. We had the local news on while we were all getting ready to get out the door. They had a news story about how breast feeding "can save you $1000 a year over formula feeding". Jim immediately quips, "let's not mention all the health benefits, let's just talk about saving money". I love my lactivist hubby!


Anonymous said...

Boy, you are sure angry lately. Breathe and let all the negative energy go.

Liz said...

I was going to reject the above comment, but then decided to let it go so I can respond. It does however bother me that it's an anonymous comment, and BTW I will be rejecting anonymous comments from now on.

This blog, is among other things, a place for me to vent. Sometimes I'm angry about something and want to mention it. Writing it out helps me to release that anger. It's interesting to me that the Baby Talk post was perceived as angry because I didn't see it that way... more just that it's frustrating to me to see people making a big puritanical deal about something so... biological.

But whatever... It's been a good day today and I'm feeling positive. So there you go, "Anonymous", I've let the negative energy go. :-) But, I will warn you... if you're looking for a blog filled with sunshine and positivity, you'll probably not enjoy it here at times!

Natalie said...

Yeah, Liz, those anonymous comments can be pretty annoying; I've had a couple that were a good bit worse. :/ Anyway, just wanted to shout out that "I hear ya" and all that. Go, team!

patience said...

I love your "angry" posts! If you can't vent in cyberspace, then where?!?

Actually I think a woman should be able to feed her baby in public if she wants to and needs to. Most I've seen are pretty discreet about it and aren't putting on a flash show, to be sure!

On the other hand, I can understand some people being uncomfortable watching that, but just don't STARE!!