Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Cell phone rant

OK, cell phones have become ubiquitious in our society. Everyone uses them, all the time, even when some of us think they shouldn't be on them. I'm not going to bother to comment on that.

Instead I am going to rant about this... If you are trying to multitask by making calls on your cell phone to conduct some kind of life business while you are driving or doing other activities, DO NOT get an attitude with the person on the other end because YOU do not have a pen handy or hands free to write down information. If you are not able to write something down while you are on the phone, then PERHAPS YOU SHOULD NOT BE MAKING THIS CALL AT THIS TIME. It is not the fault of the person on the other line that they have to give you some information; after all, that is what you are asking for, isn't it?????

Oh and while I am ranting... even if you are at home or somewhere else where you have your hands free... don't call somewhere SPECIFICALLY to get a phone number for something (oh like calling your employee benefits office to get a number for your medical insurance company or something) and then when the benefits person says, "OK, the number is 1-800..." suddenly stop them and say "oh wait, I need to go get a pen". Go get a pen? GO GET A PEN? Hello??? You called to ask for a phone number. What did you think was going to happen? Did you think the benefits person would magically transfer you??? And even if they did, wouldn't it be a GOOD IDEA to have the phone number they are transferring you to, in case you get disconnected???

OK, I think I have worked in customer service a little too long... but I feel a little better now...


Natalie said...

LOL, Liz, I totally agree! I don't even know that I have anything else to add, but I was just nodding in agreement the whole time I read your post.

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

LOL that is just so true. If you are driving do not be doing business that entails writing.