Thursday, June 22, 2006

Poor daddy

Now for an amusing story, to me anyhow. As I mentioned in my last post, on Tuesday Jim took Becky to her weekly gym class, since I wasn't feeling up to it. Class starts at 6:30, and it's a struggle sometimes to get there on time. When she first started going to class, Becky would get all worked up if we were late. Twice she dissolved into hysterics because we were less than 5 minutes late, and she refused to enter the class. We finally worked through that, or so I thought.

Jim picked up both girls from day care, stopped at Arby's for a bite to eat and headed for the gym. Poor Becks was out of her routine since I do pick up, and I usually take her to class, so she started getting anxious. She only ate a couple of bites of her food, telling Jim "I'll eat after class". They arrived at the gym at 6:28. They could see a group of kids sitting in a circle and Becky freaked out; ditched her shoes and socks and ran in. The teacher gently told her that she is in the *next* class and sent her back to the lobby. She ran back to Jim and Carly in tears, sobbing "I'm in the next class" and "I'm going to throw up" then proceeded to do so. Turns out the lack of appetite was a good thing. Jim got her cleaned up, sent her in with the right kids, and she was fine.

When they got home he told me what happened, and terrible, unsympathetic mommy and wife that I am, I laughed. Becky didn't admit to her actions but instead told me that she remembered not to cut in front of any of her classmates, like we had discussed.

I almost wish I'd been there to see it. Almost.

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Natalie said...

Well, I'm with you, Liz - I'd have laughed, too! But good for Becky for remembering not to cut in. :)